Take your account to the next level by learning more about these advanced features and unknown tips and tricks.


Mark an email as low priority
Configure specific emails to skip triage
Forwarding, splitting conversations and viewing email history
Filtering items in Triage
Remove an unwanted or incorrect email address
Opening an email attachment versus downloading an attachment
Copying and pasting without formatting

My Week

Filtering work items in My Week
Quickly bulk move items in My Week
Setting up repeating work to automatically appear in My Week
Automatically move items to 'This Week'
See my colleague's My Week
Anatomy of My Week
Who can see My Week


Moving tasks between work items
Moving emails, notes & tasks to a different work item
Client task setup guide
Resetting a work item
Downloading documents from a work item or contact
Files and documents on Work
Pin a note or an email to the top of a timeline
Change the contact for a piece of work
Make work private


Sorting and filtering your Kanban board
What data is carried across in a work schedule
How far into the future does the work scheduler create work?
Karbon's custom workflow worksheet
Customize a work template
Automators and Repeating Work
Making changes to scheduled work
Why does the status of some work items automatically change to ‘In Progress’?
Bulk re-apply work templates


Auto Share email to and from contacts
How can I share or un-share communication with a contact?
Managing couples and marriages or families
Adding a client owner or client manager
Client groups
Merge two contacts
What clients appear in My Contacts?
Contact's preferred name
Copy details from one contact card to another

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