By reading this article, you will find out how best to create an email in Karbon, depending on what the email relates to. You will also learn how to format your email, add attachments, add BCC and CCC recipients, where your email drafts go and how to undo sending an email, in case you want to take your email back.


3 ways to create an email

From the global add menu: click on the "+" on the top right and then add a new email

From a contact: in the contact's timeline, click on the "Send an email" button

From a work item: in the work item's timeline, click on "Send an email" button

Formatting an email

When you begin typing an email, you will see a formatting menu appear at the bottom.
From left to right, this gives you the option to:

  • Add an attachment

  • Bold text

  • Italic text

  • Underline text

  • Create a bulleted list

  • Create a numbered list

  • Insert an emoji

  • Use indentation

  • Change the font

  • Change the text size

  • Change the text color

  • Remove any text formatting

  • Add a link

  • Add an image

Copy and paste text to email

When pasting text from a Microsoft Office software into an email in Karbon, it is best to remove any previous formatting to ensure the email you send matches what your client sees. Select the text, copy and then paste using the below methods.

For Mac: ⌘ (command) + shift + v

For PC: control + shift + v

Use the formatting tools in Karbon to reformat your text before you send it out.

2 ways to add an attachment to an email

You can add attachments up to 25MB in size to an email. You can do this in two ways.

1. When you begin typing an email, a formatting menu will appear at the bottom. The paperclip icon will allow you to attach a file to the email.

2. You can drag a file from your desktop, and drop it in the body of your email.

Adding cc and bcc to an email

You can add cc and bcc email recipients in Karbon just like any other email platform. When composing, replying or forwarding an email, click on Show cc/bcc to add recipients in the cc or bcc fields.

Once you display these fields, you'll be able to copy or blind copy contacts to your email. We recommend not to bcc team members into emails; this clutters their Triage without a clear action for them. Use the comment field to @mention any team members instead if they need to take action on something.

Saving emails as drafts

Karbon keeps track of unsent emails automatically, adding them to the drafts section.

Draft emails are automatically saved when composing a reply on timelines or Triage within an email conversation as well as any emails created from the global add menu. The drafts can be found in the draft section located under Triage in the left menu.

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