Getting started

If you're at the start of your Karbon journey, learn the basics of managing your email, work, clients, and to-do items with these quick Karbon videos.

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Import your data

Karbon works best with your data in it. Learn how to migrate your contact, process and work data into Karbon.

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Advanced training

Become a Karbon champion with these best practice training videos and best practices articles based on what other Karbon customers are doing.

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Your inbox, reinvented. Learn how to action your emails, achieve #triagezero fast and get on top of your workday.

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Shared Triage

Discover Shared Triage -- collaborative feature where you and your team can efficiently manage one or multiple email accounts collectively.

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My Week

With My Week you can easily plan your work for the week and get an overview of your priorities and what needs your immediate attention.

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A collaborative space to work together—learn how to create new work, have visibility of what your team is working on, and for what clients.

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Workflow & Automation

Learn the ins & outs of setting up and automating your workflow.

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All answers to help you efficiently manage, assign and copy a list of tasks pertinent to a piece of work.

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Client Requests

Incorporate your clients into your workflow. Assign them tasks, communicate instantly, and schedule automatic reminders.

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Your CRM area of Karbon. Manage all your practice contacts, whether they are clients, entities and/or their relationships.

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Karbon Insights helps you keep a finger on the pulse of everything going on throughout your company.

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Time & Budgets

Manage time and budgets so your team can estimate work and track time right where the work happens.

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Billing & Payments

Bill your clients and collect payments using Karbon's Billing and Payments

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Learn how to set up your personal and practice settings.

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Connected Apps and Integrations

Learn more about how Karbon integrates with third-party apps and systems to share data and automate your workflows.

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Control the visibility that Karbon provides throughout your firm.

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Karbon AI

Enhance the efficiency of your collaborative practice management by seamlessly integrating secure AI and GPT technology.

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Practice Intelligence

Gain valuable insights and make informed decisions by analyzing trends, assessing performance, productivity, and more. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and effectively steer your firm towards success.

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General topics & navigation

Find out how to best navigate in Karbon and get answers that cover elements across all sections of Karbon.

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See and prioritize what you are working on, from notes to emails, checklist items and work; all in one place.

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