Incorporate your clients into your workflow by assigning them tasks and scheduling automatic reminders for these tasks to be completed. With client tasks, your team will never spend time chasing clients again.


What are Client Tasks?

You can now incorporate your clients into your workflow by assigning these tasks and scheduling automatic reminders for them to be completed.

Each client task has a title, description, and due date. You are also able to upload documents to these tasks. When you send client tasks to your client, they will receive an email from your team that will give them access to their own unique view of Karbon. There, your clients will know exactly what they need to complete and by when.

Once a client task is completed, you will receive a notification in Triage, and the work item will be updated. If they uploaded files for you, those will appear on the task list of the work items automatically.

Video Overview of Client Tasks

Client Task Setup Guide

This guide will help your company setup and get started with client tasks in 10 easy steps:

  1. Add your company logo

  2. Add your client tasks

  3. Set the client task sending rules

  4. Set reminder rules for your client tasks

  5. Create work with your template

  6. Send client tasks

  7. Client access

  8. Notifications when a client completes a task

  9. Reminders

  10. Completing the work and blocked access

1. Add your company logo

When your clients access their unique view of Karbon, you can display your company logo. So firstly, add your logo so that it’s ready to go. Do this from Settings > Company details.

2. Add your client tasks

You can add client tasks to any work item, but for the purpose of this guide we are going to outline adding client tasks to a template, which you can then create work from.

Go to Settings > Work Templates and select an existing template which you like to add client tasks to. If you don’t have an existing template, you can create a new one.

When you’re in your template, you can create tasks for your clients. At the bottom of your existing tasks, click 'Add Client Section'.

You will then be able to give the new client task section a name, which will also appear and add context or your client when they receive these.

A new client task section will be created. The tasks you set for a client will be grouped together here. You can add as many tasks as you like, and reorder them with drag and drop, just like you would with your normal.

You can also move the client task group around your task list by collapsing it, and then dragging the group to where you want it - at the very top, bottom or in the middle of a section.

If you would like to separate client tasks across your task list, you can add multiple groups. To create a new group rather than adding a new client task into an existing group, go to the bottom of your task list and click 'Add client task'. If your existing client task group is already at the bottom, you should first create a new section to separate the groups.

Client tasks work very similarly to other tasks in Karbon - you have the option to add a task name and description. You also have the ability to add documents that you want to share with your clients.

For the reminder functionality to work, the client task needs a due date. Here, you can decide if it’s due before or after the work start date. You can schedule clients tasks to be sent, so it may be useful in some scenarios for the tasks to be completed by your client before your team begins work.

3. Set the client task sending rules

If you would like your client tasks to automatically send to a client, you can set sending rules.

As this is a template, you can select a date before or after the work start date, just like the due dates. If you would like to manually send the tasks from your work, do not schedule any auto sending rules.

4. Set reminder rules for your client tasks

After clicking 'Next', you will have an option to schedule automatic reminders to send to your clients. You can choose to have your clients reminded gently, urgently or customize to your needs

  • Gentle reminders:
    Send seven days before the task due date, on the task due date and then everyday after a task is overdue

  • Urgent reminders: send everyday

  • Custom reminders:
    Customize the frequency and select how often your clients will receive reminder emails

5. Create Work with your template

Create a new work item from the template with that contains your new client tasks.

If you have set up your client tasks to send automatically, you will be prompted to pick who you wish to send the client tasks to. Remember, this needs to be a Karbon contact with an email address.

If you happen to have two client task groups in the same template, you can choose to send them to the same person or to a different person.

6. Send client tasks

If you have chosen to manually send your client tasks, you can do this by clicking 'Send to client'. Once sent, the client task group will update to show you that the tasks have been sent and when.

If you’ve set your client tasks to send automatically, they will send on the day you specified. You can always edit this via the options menu '...' and 'Sending Settings'.

Once client tasks have been sent, you can resend them at any time by clicking on the options menu '...' and 'Resend Client Tasks'.

If you have set the client tasks to send automatically, the email containing the tasks will be sent from the team member who is assigned the Work.

If you manually send the tasks, the email will come from the team member who clicks 'Send'.

As the email comes from your own email address, it will appear as a sent email on the related Work and Contact timelines.

When viewing this email on a timeline, we strongly recommend that you don’t click on the link to view the Client Tasks. This will ask you to set up a security PIN and if you set this up, your client will not be able to access these Tasks without this PIN.

7. Client access

Once the client tasks have been sent, your client will receive an email. When they click on the email link, they will be taken to a unique client view of Karbon that exists for the related Work.

They will be prompted to set up a 4-digit PIN. They will be asked for this PIN whenever they access these tasks on different devices. If they forget their PIN they can easily reset it by clicking 'Forgot PIN'.

This PIN is chosen by your client, and unique to them. They will be able to use it whenever they access client tasks.

Note: If you have multiple groups of client tasks with your piece of work, you can choose to send them to different people. Each person will receive their own email, be able to set their own PIN, and have their own client view that no other client can see.

8. Notifications when a client completes a task

The staff member who sends the client tasks, and the assignee of the work item that the client tasks are a part of (if that person is different from the sender) will both be notified in Triage whenever the client completes a task. The task on the piece of work will also be marked as completed.

9. Reminders

If you have turned on reminders for the client tasks, your client will receive reminders until they complete their tasks.

A limit is applied to the number of reminders that will auto-send for a single Client Task. After the fifth reminder to your client, they will stop.

This is implemented to reduce the likelihood of your emails to clients being blocked. Identical emails that are sent over and over again can sometimes be flagged by SPAM filters.

If you want to override this limit, you can re-send the Client Tasks and the count will start again.

To ensure that you do not lose track of the Client Tasks that have gone over-limit, use the Global Automator that changes the works status.

10. Completing the work and blocked access

Once the work is completed, your client will no longer be able to access their tasks. If you wish to reopen the work to let your client access the tasks, you can. We recommend changing the work status and then resending the client tasks.

For security reasons, the client task will expire 30 days from when the initial email is sent. If reminder emails are sent, it's extended for 60 days from when the reminder email is sent. Manually resending a client task will update the links expiration date.

Email template and video to introduce your client to client tasks

Help your clients get a feel for client tasks with this email template to introduce them to a new way of collaborating with your team.

To help you introduce Client Tasks to your clients, you may wish to use the following email and video:

Feel free to edit this email to suit your practice and your own clients.


Dear client,

From time to time, you will start receiving emails from myself or our team containing a checklist of items. This checklist is sent to you via Karbon's client tasks, the system we use to manage our jobs.

When you receive an email containing a checklist, you will be able to click a link that will take you to a unique view, listing all your items that need to be completed. The first time you access this checklist, you will be prompted to create a new 4 digit PIN, which ensures only yourself and our team have access.

If you choose to remember your PIN on this device, you won’t be required to enter it every time. However, you will need to enter this same PIN if you access your checklist on a second device, like your mobile phone.

You will then be taken to your personal checklist that requires completing. We will provide detailed instructions and requirements for each item. If the item requires, you will be able to upload documents as well. On completion, please mark the item as complete to instantly notify us.

Our objectives of collaborating with you in this way are to help you know exactly what you need to provide, and automatically remind you if there is any outstanding information we are waiting on. It will make our communication together smoother, and enable our team to serve you more efficiently.

If you have any further questions, please let us know.


Looking to create your own personalized video to introduce Client Tasks to your clients?

Download the client task video (without any audio), and use the script below to complete your own voice over to make the introduction to Client Tasks your very own.


"Welcome to Client Tasks, your secure way to work collaboratively with your trusted advisor to know what needs to be done, comment back and forth and upload or download files all in one place. Periodically, your trusted advisor will send you an email with tasks you need to complete. When you click on the task in the email, you'll be taken to your own secure portal. There are no usernames or URLs to remember. Just create your own pin and get instant access to your secure area to complete tasks, comment on activities and download or upload files. If you ever forget your pin, just click forget your pin to reset and manage. Once done, mark your task complete and your trusted advisor will take care of the rest."

Answers to your clients FAQs around Client Tasks

When you introduce client tasks to your clients, they may have some questions. Here are answers to some of the more common. You may wish to share these with them.

Why have I got a link to these tasks?

You have received a link to these tasks because the person who sent them to you uses Karbon to manage jobs in their company and they have some tasks they would like you complete.

What is Karbon?

Karbon is used by organizations and teams to manage their jobs, email, and collaborate with their clients. You can learn more here.

Why do I have to create a PIN?

You’re asked to create a PIN to ensure no one else can access your client tasks. Creating this PIN will ensure only yourself and the person who sent these to you will have access to these tasks and related information.

Do I have to enter my PIN each time?

If you choose to remember your PIN on this device, then you won’t be required to enter it each time. However, you will need to enter it the first time you access any of your tasks on a second device.

For example, if you first open the link on your mobile phone and create a PIN, and then later click on the link from your desktop, you would be asked for the PIN again.

What if I forget my PIN?

If you forget your PIN, simply click on the “Forgot PIN” link at the bottom of the page. This will send you an email where you can reset your PIN.

Do I need a separate PIN each time my accountant sends me new tasks?

No, you can use the same PIN for each new piece of work.

How do I complete these tasks?

When you have completed the tasks simply tick the box and it will be marked as completed. Before doing this, you can attach any files you'd like to send through this task.

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