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Edit your user profile
Edit your user profile

Edit your user profile photo, update your contact information and update your signature.

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Click on your name located off the main menu to customize your profile in Karbon. Add a profile photo and update your email signature to give a personal touch to your Karbon user.


Edit your user profile

In your user profile you can edit the following information:

  • Full Name

  • Handle — for @mentioning

  • Job Title

  • Job Roles — select from your list of Job roles

  • Function — select the relevant function in the practice

  • Teams — select from your list of Teams

  • Phone number

  • Social media profiles

  • Capacity — hours per week available

  • Notifications — choose if you want notifications in Triage on / off

  • Privacy — choose if colleagues will be able to see your My Week

  • User permissions — used to control access restrictions

  • Email settings — enable auto share of email from contacts

  • Adding / editing your email signature

Once you've finished making changes, don't forget to select 'Save'.

Note: If you have not updated your function in your firm, a red dot will appear next to your name. This information will be visible to team members when they select your name from the Colleagues list. The red dot will disappear when you choose your function.

Edit your profile photo

You can add or change your profile photo. By default, your user profile photo will be the first letter of your first name. This will display as an icon next to any email, Work or tasks that are assigned to you.

Go to your user profile by clicking on your name in the main menu, then click on your profile image at the top. You’ll then be able to choose an image from your computer to upload.

Keep this in mind when changing your photo:

  • Max file size is 4mb

  • Standard file types accepted (png, gif, jpeg, bmp, tiff, etc.)

  • For the best result, we recommend uploading a square image that is 120px.

Add or edit your email signature

Email signatures in Karbon work in the same way as existing email signatures. They are optional to include and once turned on they will be appended on emails sent from Karbon.

To set up your signature, go to your user profile page from the main menu by clicking on your name. Click on the edit button and you’ll see a content box where you can type or paste in your existing email signature.

You can also click in the top right corner to import your signature from your current email provider.

If your signature has images, you will need to select the 'Image' symbol from the formatting bar and upload or drag and drop the image. Once this is completed and you are happy with it, click Save.

As a default, your signatures will only append to new emails you compose in Karbon.

You can manage this setting on your profile page within Karbon, by ticking the checkbox below the edit box.

Signature Software

If you want to continue to use your e-signatures product such as Black Pearl or Code Two, we’d recommend you do not turn on your signature within Karbon.

As soon as you send an email from Karbon, your signature system will pick it up and append the original signature there.

You can toggle your signature on / off in your user profile:

Changing Your Email Address

If you need to change your email address, click on your name on the side menu. Under Profile, click Edit Profile > Email Address > Change.

You’ll be guided to contact our support team who will review and process your request. This precaution is to maintain the integrity of your Karbon setup and ensure there is no impact on a colleague's ability to log in.

Auto Share email to and from contacts

Each user in Karbon has a setting that will automatically share emails from any contacts in Karbon to the contact's timeline.

The Auto Share email setting allows you to share all your emails to and from contacts in Karbon. With this setting turned on, any emails between you and a contact will appear on the contact's timeline.

You can manually disable this sharing for specific contacts if you do not want to automatically share emails to/from them publicly. You can also always remove specific emails from any timeline in isolated cases where they should not be shared.

Turning this setting on is a great way to take full advantage of the visibility Karbon provides across email communication.

To turn this setting on, go to your user profile by clicking your name in the left-hand menu. Under Profile > Edit, scroll to the bottom to "Email Settings". You can then tick the box to auto-share email, and click Save.

The sharing of email starts from the point the setting is turned on and will not apply retroactively. If you had previously used the feature and chose to turn off the sharing of emails with specific contacts, that choice will be preserved when the master setting is turned on or off.

Only you are able to update the Auto Share setting for yourself.

If you add additional email addresses to a contact who you have manually disabled the email Auto Share for, those new addresses will also be disabled by default.

In cases where an email address has been added to more than one contact, Karbon will only Auto Share emails to the Primary owner of the email address.

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