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How to merge two contacts in Karbon
How to merge two contacts in Karbon

Merge two similar contacts, including contact data and work.

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If you have two similar contacts and would like to migrate contact data and associated work into one record, you can follow these steps.

Before you begin

  • Please note, you cannot undo a contact merge. When two contacts are merged, one primary contact will be kept, and the merged contact record will be permanently deleted.

  • You can only merge two contacts of the same entity. A person can only be merged with another person contact, and an organization can only merge with another organization contact.

  • Only administrators have permission to merge contacts. If you need access, request access from your practice administrator.

  • Private and hidden contacts cannot be merged. Ensure the privacy setting for both contacts are set to public to enable the merge.

How to merge a contact

  1. Navigate to the contact (Person or Organization) that you would like to keep as the primary contact. This should be the master contact with the most accurate and up-to-date contact details.

  2. Click on the three dots icon and select 'Merge Duplicates' from the menu.

  3. When Karbon detects duplicate contacts you will see these in the modal. Contacts with a similar name and email will show as possible duplicates for you to merge into the primary contact.

  4. Choose the contact you would like to merge into the primary contact.

    1. Please note, if there are data conflicts in this contact, the details in the primary contact will be retained, and the conflicting data will be deleted. We suggest you double-check that there is no important contact data on the contact you want to merge that isn't also in the primary contact.

    2. Once merged, everything associated to this contact (work items, notes, timeline activity and communication, time entries, etc.) will be reassigned to the primary contact. Then, this contact will be deleted, which cannot be undone.

  5. Click the Merge button to confirm the merge. A record will appear on the primary contact timeline showing that a duplicate contact was merged. The old contact will be deleted.

If you run into issues our support team is happy to help you. Contact us in Help & Feedback off the main menu, and select Still can't find what you need.

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