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Manage your work in My Week
Manage your work in My Week

My Week gives you a quick overview of work, emails and notes that you need to focus on this week.

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In My Week you can easily drag and drop items to prioritize your workload, not just this week, but the coming weeks as well. In this article, we will give you insight into how My Week works, which actions you can take, and how best to manage it.


Add a work item in My Week

Work is automatically added to My Week for the work assignee and team members who have tasks or budgets assigned to them.

If you are the work assignee, have tasks or budgets assigned to you, you will automatically have a work card added to your My Week. This work card will be added to the 'To Plan' bucket in your My Week. For work items that are part of a repeating series, this will follow the plan set up in the 'Resource Planning' section in the Repeating Schedule of that work item.

Adding Emails or Notes to My Week

You can add an email or note to My Week by going into the information tray for that item and pressing 'Plan for This Week'

Keep in mind that emails and notes can only be planned in the current week that you're in. If you would like to move them into the 'Next Week' or 'Later' buckets you will need to do this in the 'My Week' feature.

You can also add a note to your week straight from My Week. Just click on 'Add a note' and put in a quick note on what needs to be done.

If you add a note and assign it to yourself, the note will automatically be added to the 'This Week' bucket of your My Week.

Move items from 'To Plan'

'To Plan' contains all the items that have been added to your My Week but have not yet been given the date you wish to begin the work. This is also true for whenever a work card is created (e.g. a new work item), it will go into this bucket.

You can then plan when you would like to do the work by moving the work cards to different buckets such as 'This Week', 'Next Week' or 'Later'. This can easily be done by clicking and holding the item you'd like to move and using the drag and drop functionality to move it into another bucket.

Automatically move items to 'This Week'

For work on a repeating schedule, your work items will be automatically added to My Week for all associated team members to that work.

The default option for planning work will be 'Week of Work Start Date'. This way, the work items will automatically move into 'This Week' when the start date is coming up.

You can edit this in the repeat setting of a specific work item. Go to the work item, then click on the repeat schedule under 'Repeats' in the header of the work item. Click Edit and scroll down to 'Resource Planning'. Here you can choose when you want to plan the work for. You have 3 options:

  • Week of Work Start Date (default):
    Work items will show up in 'Later' bucket in the week of the work start date when created, and then move automatically to 'Next week' when the work start date is a week out, then 'This Week' when the work start date reaches the current week.

  • Week of Work Due Date:

    Work items will show up in 'Later' bucket in the week of the work due date when created, and then move automatically to 'Next week' when the work due date is a week out, then 'This Week' when the work due date reaches the current week.

  • Don't Add Planned Week:
    Work items will show up in 'To Plan' for the Assignee when the work is created and the Assignee will have to move it to the week they wish to plan it for manually.

The work will be planned for the Work Assignee when the work is created and will be planned for the rest of the Work Team when the Tasks and Budget are created.

Keep in mind that you are unable to update work in the series where the tasks and budget have been created and any updates will not be applied to work items already in your My Week.

Best Practice tip: We recommend choosing this setting based on the type of practice you run. If employees are used to having the flexibility to plan our their own tasks and jobs, then we suggest choosing not to have a week planned. That way the employees can decide for themselves which week they'd like to do the work. If you prefer having a bit more control over what is done when, then choose to either have the work items show up in My Week according to their start date.

If you have a lot of work items, we can help you update this in bulk. Simply reach out to support, and we will guide you through the process.

Remove an item from My Week

You can remove an email or note from My Week if you no longer want to see it in My Week. This will not delete or remove the work item, email or note from anywhere but My Week.

To remove an item from My Week, navigate to the item you'd like removed, look to the right of that item and there you will see the information tray and select 'Remove'

Quickly bulk move items in My Week

When moving items around in My Week, try using the select option to move items in bulk. This makes it easy and quick to move items from 'To Plan' to the week you plan to do them in, from 'This Week' to 'Next Week' or even from 'This Week' to 'Done'.

Simply select the items you wish to move, and then click 'Move to Next Week' or 'Move to Done' or click the '...' for more options.

You can click the box next to a section to select everything in a section, such as all emails, notes or work items in a specific status. Click the box next to 'No Items Selected' to select all items.

Using the multi-select option, you can pick and choose the items you would like to move around in My Week.

Just hold the Shift key and select the first item you’d like to move and select the last item, all the items in between will be selected as well, and select your action above.

Best Practice tip: Sometimes it might be quicker to select all and then deselect the items you don't wish to move, instead of having to click on all items one by one or category by category.

Filtering work items in My Week

Quickly identify the items that you would like to look at or work on by using the smart filters available. You can use the filters available to view the specific items that you need. The filters apply to both work items and tasks within work items.

The filtering options available will be:

  • Status

  • Due Date

  • Start Date

  • Work Type

Keep in mind only 5 work-type filters will show at a time. If you have more than 5, we show the top 4 (meaning the most used within the work items) and then bundle the rest in 'Other'.

Rules for filters

You can select multiple filters within one option, or multiple filters across the four options.

If you select multiple filters within one option, for instance selecting 'Overdue' and 'Due This Week' within the Due Date option, all items that are overdue or have a due date within This Week will show up.

If you select multiple filters across options, such as selecting the status 'In Progress' and the Work Type 'Month-end close', only work items that have both that status (In Progress) and that work type (Month-end close) will show up.

Keep in mind the filtering options for the four filters above will vary based on the items present in My Week. For instance, if you do not have any work with the status Ready to start, this status will not show up as an option in the smart filters.

If you find that your filter list is too long to see on one screen, you can scroll to the right to see more.

Moving a work card

You can easily move a card by using the drag and drop functionality in My Week.

You can move a card from bucket to bucket by using the drag and drop functionality or by clicking the three blue dots on the right of the work card and then selecting which bucket you want to move it to.

Viewing and managing your week in the Calendar

Once you've connected your Calendar to Karbon, you will immediately see any items that currently live in that calendar.

By default, you will be taken to your day view for the day that you're in, but you have three options to view your Calendar:

  • Day - allows you to see the items you have by the hour and how much time you have in your schedule to plan out your day further. This view also allows you to drag and drop from My Week, to further block out your day.

  • Schedule - this will allow you to see what you have going on in your day, and how many items are on your list for that day.

  • Week - gives you a visual representation of where you have free blocks. You can then navigate to that day by clicking on the date.

Blocking out time from My Week

You can block out time on your calendar directly from My Week by using the drag and drop function. Drag and drop the items you're responsible for in the timeslot preferred. This will be reflected in your Calendar on the email provider side as well so your team always knows your availability.

By default, it will block out 30 minutes, but you will have the option to adjust the duration as well as the date the event will be on.

When an event has been created by dragging and dropping a work item from My Week, the user can view the details in the modal. Under the Work field, they will be able to click on the work item name. This will bring up the Work Overlay. From here, they can do work or go to the work item itself.


When you block out time in your Calendar from My Week, you will have the option to set its visibility. By default, items will be set to visible, which means that if the item (assigned work, note or email) is public, it will appear on your email inbox's calendar as is.

If you drag an item that is private, hidden, or not visible to others (e.g. an email not on a public timeline), it will be set to hidden in the Karbon Calendar.

And will show as 'busy' on your email provider's calendar for your colleagues.

You can change the visibility upon creation by using the drop-down and changing to the preferred visibility.

Let your colleagues know what you're 'Working on Now'

Imagine that you're working on a work item, but you need a colleague to complete some tasks before you can complete yours.

My Week makes it easier for your team to collaborate on work items by taking advantage of the 'Working on Now' section. You can view who's working on a work item by viewing that item in your 'My Week' view.

When a team member chooses to begin working on a work item, they can move that item in their My Week feature into the 'Working on Now' section under the 'This Week' bucket.

When this has been done, this will indicate that they're working on that item. They will also be able to see when you've done the same once you move that item into your 'Working on Now' section.

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