Need a place where you can get a quick feel for your workload for the upcoming weeks? My Week is it! You can easily drag and drop items to prioritize your workload, not just this week, but the coming weeks as well. In this article, we will give you insight into how My Week works, and how best to manage it.


Add a work item in My Week

Work is automatically added to My Week for the work assignee and team members who have tasks or budgets assigned to them.

If you are the work assignee, have tasks or budgets assigned to you, you will automatically have a work card added to your My Week. This work card will be added to the 'To Plan' bucket in your My Week. For work items that are part of a repeating series, this will follow the plan set up in the 'Resource Planning' section in the Repeating Schedule of that work item.

Adding Emails or Notes to My Week

You can add an email or note to My Week by going into the information tray for that item and pressing 'Plan for This Week'

Keep in mind that emails and notes can only be planned in the current week that you're in. If you would like to move them into the 'Next Week' or 'Later' buckets you will need to do this in the 'My Week' feature.

You can also add a note to your week straight from My Week. Just click on 'Add a note' and put in a quick note on what needs to be done. When putting in the due date, it will automatically assign the correct week depending on the date.

Move items from 'To Plan'

'To Plan' contains all the items that have been added to your My Week but have not yet been given the date you wish to begin the work. This is also true for whenever a work card is created (e.g. a new work item), it will go into this bucket.

You can then plan when you would like to do the work by moving the work cards to different buckets such as 'This Week', 'Next Week' or 'Later'. This can easily be done by clicking and holding the item you'd like to move and using the drag and drop functionality to move it into another bucket.

Remove an item from My Week

You can remove an email or note from My Week if you no longer want to see it in My Week. This will not delete or remove the work item, email or note from anywhere but My Week.

To remove an item from My Week, navigate to the item you'd like removed, look to the right of that item and there you will see the information tray and select ' Remove'

Filtering work items in My Week

Quickly identify the items that you would like to look at or work on by using the smart filters available. You can use the filters available to view the specific items that you need.

The filtering options available will be:

  • Status

  • Due Date

  • Start Date

  • Work Type

Keep in mind the filtering options for the four filters above will vary based on the items present in My Week. For instance, if you do not have any work with the status Ready to start, this status will not show up as an option in the smart filters.

If you find that your filter list is too long to see on one screen, you can scroll to the right to see more.

Moving a work card

You can easily move a card by using the drag and drop functionality in My Week.

You can move a card from bucket to bucket by using the drag and drop functionality or by clicking the three blue dots on the right of the work card and then selecting which bucket you want to move it to.

Let your colleagues know what you're 'Working on Now'

Imagine that you're working on a work item, but you need a colleague to complete some tasks before you can complete yours.

My Week makes it easier for your team to collaborate on work items by taking advantage of the 'Working on Now' section. You can view who's working on a work item by viewing that item in your 'My Week' view.

When a team member chooses to begin working on a work item, they can move that item in their My Week feature into the 'Working on Now' section under the 'This Week' bucket.

When this has been done, this will indicate that they're working on that item. They will also be able to see when you've done the same once you move that item into your 'Working on Now' section.

Setting up repeating work to automatically appear in My Week

You can update the Repeat Settings of your work items to automatically add to My Week for all associated team members to that work.

You can have your repeating work items and associated tasks appear in My Week automatically by updating the Resource Planning in the Repeating Schedule of that work item.

Whether you've already created your repeating schedule or are just setting it up, at the bottom of the screen you will see a section called 'Resource Planning'.

If the repeating schedule has already been created, you can access it by going into the work item clicking on the repeating option in the work header or opening it via the Options Menu (...) in the work header and choosing 'Edit Repeating Work'

Once the settings are open, scroll to the bottom of the screen and you'll see the option to update your resource planning. Here you can choose if you'd like it to move into your My Week or not. This will appear the same way if you're creating your repeating schedule for the first time.

The work will be planned for the Work Assignee when the work is created and will be planned for the rest of the Work Team when the Tasks and Budget are created.

Keep in mind that you are unable to update work in the series where the tasks and budget have been created and any updates will not be applied to work items already in your My Week.

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