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Learn how Karbon works
Learn how Karbon works

Team collaboration, workflow management, templates, tasks and calendar integration, are all part of what can make Karbon work for you.

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Learn the best ways to manage your company's workflow, standardize your processes, keep track of what your responsibilities are and collaborate with your team members.



How many hours do you usually spend each week managing email? Karbon's Triage is your supercharged inbox. It has been designed to bring your email into your workflow, action it quicker, and break down silos so you don't need to rely on CC email to know what's going on. In fact, Karbon customers save 4 hours on average each week just through Triage alone.

To learn how to manage your email more efficiently with Triage, check out these short articles:

Team Collaboration

One of the key benefits of Karbon is that it makes communication and collaboration across your team and with clients seamless. 85% of firms say that Karbon beats all competitive products in this area.

While email can be used to communicate externally, there are other ways to communicate with your team in Karbon. Notes, comments, @mentions, work items and tasks can be used to share updates and keep track of what is going on. These collaboration tools allow for complete visibility, ensure that everything that needs to get done is owned by someone, and reduce email by more than 50%.

To understand each of these, read the following short articles on:

Workflow Management

So far, we have covered the basics of Triage, collaboration, and work in Karbon. Let's go a bit deeper and look at some ways you can manage your company's workflow.

Karbon has been designed to help you improve the delivery of your work by increasing on-time delivery, reducing time to complete, and improving overall quality. 9 out of 10 customers have been able to achieve this.

It all comes down to repeatable processes, clear ownership, efficient workflow and work visualization. In Karbon, this is enabled within each work item, viewed and managed on your Kanban board, and optimized in your settings.

Key concepts to understand, leverage and use include:

Not only can you manage all internal tasks for each work item—you can also bring your clients into your workflow and assign them tasks. With scheduled emails and reminders sent to your clients, you can completely automate the client chase, saving your team even more time. Learn how in this short video on client tasks.

Work, Tasks and Templates

Standardizing your company's most common process is critical if you want to improve efficiency, maintain quality, and set your company up to scale. It's easy to do this in Karbon using templates. In fact, 92% of our customers say the majority of work they complete is driven by standardized workflows and templates.

Once you have created templates, you can use them to create work items for your clients, and set them up to repeat automatically on a schedule.

These short articles will show you how to manage templates and work in Karbon:

My Week

My Week is where you plan how you will spend your time in managing your individual tasks.

My Week provides you with an overview of the current status and further details of all work and tasks assigned to you. You are also able to decide which notes and emails you will need to action later and you can add those to My Week as well. You can then organize those items into a manageable action plan outlining exactly what you need to do.

To learn how to get started with My Week and effectively manage and plan your work, take a look at these articles:


With your calendar integrated into My Week, it’s one place to prioritize your work, plan your day and schedule your time.

With a fast and easy setup, two-way calendar sync is available with Google and Outlook. According to Asana’s Anatomy of Work Index 2021, knowledge workers switch between 10 apps 25 times per day and miss over one-quarter of deadlines.

Save time by managing your calendar in the same place as your tasks, accept meetings directly from your calendar and Triage, and block out time to work on tasks easily using drag & drop. Stay focused on your day in My Week with Calendar, and maximise your efficiency.

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