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Use Notes

A note is a conversation you hold internally within your company. Unlike an email, it is viewed only by members of your team.

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A note can be used to document key information from a phone call or live meeting or even to document any important information. Notes can be attached to a contact or piece of work, to provide context.


Video overview of notes

Privacy Rules

Notes are public by default. If you do not want the note to be public, add it to a private or hidden timeline. Only the colleagues on those timelines will be able to see the note.

Add a note - 3 ways

You can add a note from multiple places in Karbon. The easiest way is to click on the Global Add or “+” sign in the top right corner and then click on note.

You can also add a note from My Week:

or simply post a note directly to a piece of Work or a Contact, by navigating to their timeline and click the button Post a Note.

If you add a note and assign it to yourself, the note will automatically be added to the 'This Week' bucket of your My Week.

Add a note to multiple Timelines

A note can be added to multiple timelines to increase visibility, just click on the note to expand it and in the information tray on the right you can add the appropriate timelines by clicking Add to Timeline.

Add a title to a note

Note titles can be used to in the same way as you might use an email subject on an email. The title of the note gives context to what is being discussed. When creating a new note, you have the option to add a title.

This title will then appear at the top of the note when it has been saved, and when the note appears in other areas - such as in My Week.

Note titles are optional. You can still save your notes without giving them a title. And at a later time, the original author of the note can edit the title through the options menu.

Add a link to a note

You can add a link to a note by clicking the link icon from the formatting menu.

You will then be able to choose what text you would like to display, and where that text should link to.

Assign a note

You may choose to assign a note to yourself or a colleague if an action is required.

Assigning a note to someone means they will receive a notification in Triage, where they are then able to move it to My Week, by clicking on Plan for This week.

To discuss the note with your colleagues, you can add comments.

Commenting on notes

Comment on a note to bring team members into a conversation, and communicate about the work or client that is being discussed. You are able to add a comment to any note in Karbon. You can also use comments to notify colleagues or entire teams to bring them into the conversation.

When you click on a note to expand it, you will be able to click on the Comment button and a blue area where you can add your comment will appear.

You are able to add formatting, emojis, attachments or links.

@mentions on a note

You also have the option to @mention a colleague or a team, which will send them a notification to bring them into the conversation. Mentioning a colleague in a note or comment will notify them without having to assign the item to them.

You can @mention them in the body of the note by typing “@” followed by their name. Their handle will appear below for you to select. This will trigger a Triage notification for your colleague or everyone in the team you've @mentioned.

You can also @mention your entire firm (@all) or members of select teams (@team_name).

User handles can be updated through Settings > Colleagues.

Note comment acknowledgments

You also have the ability to acknowledge a comment for instances when you don’t feel a reply is necessary but just a thumbs up to indicate that you either agree or have seen a comment.

Notifications on notes

If you participate in comments on a note, you will be notified in Triage whenever there is a new comment. You can become a participant in three ways:

  1. You create a note
    If you created the note you will be notified in Triage whenever there is a new comment.

  2. You are @mentioned in a note
    If you are @mentioned in a note or a comment on that note, you will receive a Triage notification for the @mention, and then any future replies to that note.

  3. You comment on a note
    If you write a comment on a note you will be notified in Triage for any future replies on that note.

If you are an active participant in a note comment thread, are mentioned by another colleague, or you are the note's assignee, you will be notified in Triage of any comments on that note made by a colleague.

Clicking the notification will expand it, providing you with the note's complete details and the option to respond back to the comment.

Turn notifications on / off

The information tray to the right of a note includes a toggle that lets you choose whether you are notified of future comments or not.

If you turn notifications off, you will only be notified if you are @ mentioned again.

You can also use this toggle to opt into notifications if you aren't already a participant.

Notifications in My Week

If you have added a note to My Week and moved it to Done and the situation changes, meaning someone mentions you or comments on the note, the note will be moved back to This Week and bolded (identifying it's a new item).

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