Make sure you customize your clients experience of Client tasks by adding your logo to the client portal, check where you can adjust your sending settings and learn more about Client task security.


Add your logo to your client tasks

You can add your company logo under Settings > Company details. This logo will be shown when clients view their client tasks.

Choose what time Client tasks are sent

You can choose what time of day your client task emails and reminders will auto-send to your clients. Navigate to Settings > Client Tasks.

From here, you will be able to choose what time zone of day these will send automatically. Navigate to Settings > Company Details. This is a company-wide setting, so will effect all client tasks across your team.

Client Task Security

Client Tasks is a secure way to share and receive information from your clients - it is significantly more secure than simply communicating via email, and how most firms interact with their clients.

Security measures include:

  • Access to the Client Task app is available only via a dedicated email invitation

  • The Client Task app is powered by Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), which means that any connection is secure and any date entered is encrypted and safely shared

  • The unique URL for each set of Client Tasks is generated at random using 30 characters

  • The first time a client accesses their URL, they are required to create a 4-digit PIN

  • Karbon tracks who accesses that URL, and from what devices. Each new device that tries to access the URL will be asked to provide the PIN

  • Your clients can load files and comments and complete the tasks, all from the secure portal accessible at that URL

  • The client will be locked out once the related work item is marked as Complete, to preserve your audit trail

  • All your information in Karbon, including Client Task data, is encrypted in transit and stored securely using enterprise-grade cloud servers, encrypted data storage and highly scalable databases. The portal is a 256-bit encrypted site

  • Karbon undergoes regular security reviews to ensure the protection of customer data and documents

With security at the core of Karbon, you will have complete confidence that your data is safe and private at all times.

Security of Client task documents

The documents that your clients upload via client tasks are not able to be downloaded via the link to Karbon that you have provided to your client. This ensures the documents are only accessible inside your Karbon account.

Karbon undergoes regular security reviews to ensure the protection of customer data and documents.

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