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Overview of Karbon AI
Overview of Karbon AI

Karbon is incorporating secure AI to improve your efficiency in your work.

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What is Karbon AI?

Karbon AI is an artificial intelligence tool that is powered by Azure OpenAI Service and embedded within Karbon. Karbon AI will initially focus on making accountants more efficient with their email, while improving the client experience they offer.

Karbon AI Email and Note Summary

Using Karbon AI, you will be able to easily summarize long conversations involving emails, notes and internal discussions in a matter of seconds.

In Triage, users will see a "Summarize" button at the end of an email or note conversation. Clicking this button will send all the emails to the Azure OpenAI service, which will then generate a bullet-pointed summary of the conversation. This summary will be added to the end of the conversation, increasing efficiency for those who have access to the conversation.

You can also mark messages using the thumbs up/down buttons underneath the summary, which will help train Karbon AI in providing better-quality responses.

Karbon AI Email Creation

Save time in your communications with your clients, without sacrificing quality. Using simple prompts with Karbon AI, you can quickly draft emails, and rewrite emails to ensure the tone is always as intended.

How it works

  • When composing a new email, the feature will allow you to enter a prompt of what the email should say, allowing Karbon AI to compose the email in seconds.

  • If replying to an email, Karbon AI takes into account all the previous emails in the thread when replying to the prompt you provide.

  • You have the ability to choose the tone of your email when composing it, or even rewriting an email with a selected tone of your choosing.

Karbon AI Change Tone

Having compiled a draft email, you have the ability to change the tone of the email. This rewrites the email with options of "Neutral", "Conversational" or "Direct" tones, to get your message across more appropriately.

Karbon AI Email Tasks

You also have the ability to add Email Tasks directly into your templates or work items. This will allow you to regularly compose a draft email based on a certain prompt, to be sent from your email when at a particular point in your work. Importantly, you have complete control with the ability to review and make adjustments to the draft prior to sending.

Karbon AI Summarize Client Timeline

Karbon AI will generate a summary of the last 10 emails and notes in the Timeline tab of your People and Organization contact.

Karbon AI vs other AI

Artificial intelligence is most useful when it is integrated into the tools that you already work in. Not only because that means less switching back and forth between apps, but when artificial intelligence is in the context of your workflow it can be prompted by your existing data, while that data remains secure.

As your accounting firm’s practice management solution, Karbon is home to more context than any other tool. It’s where your client management, communication, collaboration, work, and planning take place.

Karbon AI's capabilities will continue to expand across your collaborative workflow, increasing the possibilities of what you can do with your data.

Security of Kabon AI

Security was a key consideration at every stage of the development of Karbon AI. The Azure OpenAI Service, which powers Karbon AI, provides critical enterprise security, compliance, and regional availability. Your data is always secure and stays within Karbon, alongside all your other data.

Karbon AI Settings

Karbon AI is turned on by default in your account. Admin users are able to turn off Karbon AI for all users under Settings > Karbon AI, and unchecking Enable Karbon AI (Beta).

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