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Create and use email templates
Create and use email templates

Find the email template you need and tailor it to fit your firm's needs!

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Email templates play a crucial role in ensuring consistency across all communications, including message content, tone, and brand identity, regardless of who is sending the email.

Admins can create custom email templates for the entire firm to use. To access this feature, simply navigate to Settings > Email Templates. From there, Admins can easily create and manage templates that reflect your firm's unique communication style and branding.

When composing, replying or forwarding an email, you'll find a dedicated icon in the messaging editor to easily apply an email template. If no templates are available, the icon will be inactive.

If you’ve selected a template but have changed your mind, you can highlight the email’s body and click the icon again to select a different template.

Email Templates for Tasks

You can create your own email templates and add them directly to new work items and templates as your own email tasks.

To use this feature, simply go to a work template or work item and select Add Task > Add Email. Choose an email template from the drop-down menu or create one.

Please Note: Placeholders cannot currently be used in email templates

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