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Collaborate on emails in Triage
Collaborate on emails in Triage

Learn how to reply, forward, collaborate, comment on, schedule, undo and remove an email from Triage.

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There are multiple ways to respond to and collaborate with your team about emails in Karbon. In this article, you will learn the different ways, so you can make the best decision on how to reply to your emails.


Reply to an email

You can reply to an email as you would in your email providers inbox:

  • by clicking "Reply To All"

  • by clicking on the reply icon within an email

  • by clicking on "..." and selecting "Reply"

Your replies will show up in your 'Sent' folder under Triage in the main menu and in your 'Sent Items' folder of your email provider inbox.

Forwarding an email and splitting conversations

You can forward emails in Karbon, just like you would from another email client. Although if you're forwarding to a team member, adding a comment and @mentioning the team member is more effective.

You can forward a specific email within the email conversation, or you can forward the entire conversation by choosing the icon next to your reply.

When you reply or forward an email, you’ll see an icon with three dots in the bottom left. You can click on this icon to expand and view the full email thread.

When you forward an email, you can edit the email subject by editing the text in the subject field.

If you forward an email, it will automatically be split into a new conversation. When you do this, an activity event inside the email conversation will let you know this has occurred. You will be able to click the link from this activity, which will open the new email conversation in a new browser tab.

Everyone with access to an email will be able to view the entire conversation history. This includes the original email, replies, and any comments. 'Visibility' in the email's Information Tray, will list everyone in your team who is able to see the email.

Individual emails within an email conversation can be expanded and collapsed, which makes it much easier to scan through long email conversations. To expand or collapse an individual email, click the empty space to the right of the sender/recipient list.

Commenting on emails

Email comments allow you to add a comment against any email in Karbon. You can also use comments to notify team members and bring them into the conversation by @mentioning them and thereby have internal discussions right where they make sense. Watch this quick 2-minute video to understand more about how Email comments work.

You can add a comment by clicking on the comment button at the bottom of an email, or from the email options menu (...) on the top right corner of the email.

Now you can capture your comments relating to that specific email in the blue box that appears. You are able to add formatting, emojis, attachments and links.

@mention colleagues in comments

You also have the option to @mention a colleague and bring them into the conversation. Keep in mind, that when you do this, that colleague will have access to the entire email conversation.

When you or a colleague is notified in an email comment with an @mention, you will receive the email in your Triage, with the newest email comment highlighted. You will then have the option to respond to the comment.

Any team members who are already part of the email conversation, or who have been brought into the conversation by a comment with an @mention will be notified in Triage with all further activity on that email.

You can @mention and notify several team members or teams:

  • To notify every team member in your company use the @all handle

  • To notify members of an entire team, type @ followed by the team's handle. When you begin typing, available options will appear in a list for you to select

  • To notify all members working on a work item, type @team in your message

Whoever is included in your @mention, will receive a Triage notification with your message. If the team you are looking for does not appear, you may need to update their team handle first.

If you do not wish to be notified of new comments and activity, you can turn notifications off by clicking the notification toggle. You will now only be notified if you are explicitly @mentioned.

If the email is shared with your team (it appears on a public contact or work timeline), colleagues can turn notifications on for themselves, even if they aren't involved in the email conversation or comments.

You also have the ability to acknowledge a comment for instances when you don’t feel a reply is necessary but just a thumbs up to indicate that you either agree or have seen a comment. You will see a 'thumbs up' icon at the bottom right of every comment when you hover your cursor over it. Just click this to add your acknowledgment. When you have added your acknowledgment, the thumbs up icon will appear in blue.

Multiple team members can add their acknowledgment to the same comment by clicking on a thumbs up icon that already exists. If you want to see who has acknowledged a comment, just hover your cursor over it the icon.

Share an email conversation

If you want to share an email thread with a colleague, you can do so by clicking on the options menu (...) and 'Copy Conversation Link'.

Simply share that link with your colleague, and they will now be able to see what conversation you are referring to. They will only be able to see the conversation if they have access to it. This means that if you are not a Karbon user or if you don't have access to that particular email for privacy reasons, you will not be able to see the email conversation.

Schedule an email

You can choose what time an email will be sent using the Schedule Email function. Simply compose your email like normal. Then, next to your Send button, you have the option to choose a scheduled time. A selection of common options will be provided, or you can also choose a custom day and time.

If you need to make an edit to your email prior to sending just cancel the send, edit the email and set up the schedule again. You can find your scheduled emails in 'Scheduled' under Triage in the main menu on the left. In the scheduled email you can click on 'Cancel Send', edit your email and then re-schedule it.

Karbon does not allow for the sharing of draft emails amongst colleagues, however, you can ask for feedback or input from a colleague about an email using the Scheduled Email functionality. Here are 3 easy steps to do it:

  1. Compose your draft email like normal

  2. Schedule the email and select a time well into the future

  3. Add a comment and @mention a colleague to bring them into the conversation

Your colleague will then receive a notification to review your email and can provide feedback in a comment of their own. If any changes need to be made to the email, they must be made by the person who scheduled the email. Simply choose "Cancel Send", make your required edits, and then send like normal.

Undo email send

Recall an email within 5 seconds of clicking send with the Undo Email Send option. Whether you notice a typo, send to the wrong address, forget to add that attachment, or immediately regret what you wrote once you click Send, you have the option to undo your sent email.

After you click Send on any email, an Undo option will appear in the bottom left of Karbon. You'll have a five-second window to recall the email. After that time, it will be sent permanently.

After clicking Undo, you will be taken to the draft of the email you had planned to send, where you can make further changes, save for later, or delete it entirely.

Mark an email as unread

Mark an email as unread by navigating to the options menu (...) for the particular email you want to mark as unread and select 'Mark Unread'.

Marking an email as unread in Triage will not mark it as unread in your other email inbox (Gmail or Outlook, for example).

Remove an email

Want to remove an email from Karbon? Each individual email includes a Remove option in the message's options menu.

Clicking Remove presents you with options that are dependent on who else is involved with the email.

You are the only team member involved (the sender or recipient).

  • You can remove the email completely from Karbon and/or

  • You can remove the email from all contact and work timelines (if applicable).
    The email will remain in Triage or in search.

There is at least one other team member involved (they are the sender or a recipient)

  • You can remove the email from all contact and work timelines (if applicable)

Karbon will never delete an email from your email client. If you have an email that you want deleted forever, you should delete it from your email inbox as a separate step.

If you add an email to a timeline, and an involved team member then chooses to remove it from the timeline, you will have the option to restore it by adding it to the timeline again.

Remove unwanted or incorrect email addresses

Have you ever made a typo with an email address, only to have that same incorrect email address always appear in your suggestions?

You can easily remove these unwanted addresses so that you don't see them anymore—simply hover your mouse over the address and click the 'X' that appears next to it. This will only occur in your instance and will need to be repeated by your colleagues to remove the unwanted email address in their instance.

Keep in mind this will only work for addresses that are not attached to any of your firm's contacts.

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