Because Karbon connects to your email client, you will need to be logged into the email account connected to Karbon to use the app. This means that if you use multiple accounts or profiles on the one device, you may have some difficulty accessing Karbon. 

In this case, we recommend one of the following when dealing with more than one Karbon account.

Using Google Chrome Profiles
If you are using Google Chrome, you can create profiles for each gmail email account that you use. Then, instead of logging out of email for one account, then logging in with another, you just need to switch profiles. It works really well, and this is the preferred method.

Switching between accounts
Be sure that you're logged into the correct email account (in or Gmail, depending on your email provider). You can then navigate to When you log in again at, you will then have the option to select the correct account for Karbon.

Using 2 different browsers
Use a different browser. Karbon works best with Chrome, but you can use Safari, Firefox or another browser for your other email accounts.

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