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Manage Contact Settings
Manage Contact Settings

Preference for how contact names are displayed and create contact types for segmentation of your clients.

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Contact Settings can be found by navigating from Main Menu > Settings > Contact Settings. Here, you are able to choose what order your People Contacts names are displayed in, and adjust Contact Types.


People Contacts Name Order

Change the preferences of how your contact names are displayed in Karbon. You have two options for Contact Name display. This setting also controls the salutation in emails alerting clients to new comments on client tasks:

  1. First + Middle + Last

  2. Last, First + Middle

The name field on contacts will be changed from one field for the full name, to separate fields for First Name, Middle Name and Last Name.

Contact Types

Contact types are a useful way to categorize your contacts overall. They allow you to categorize contacts into groups, to help you filter (on your work view) and keep track of your different types of contacts. Contact types can be edited or removed and further contact types can also be added to suit your firm's needs.

To add, edit, or delete a contact type go to 'Settings' from the main menu and select 'Contact Settings'.

You will see a list of all of your firm’s contact types and how many contacts have been associated with each type. Select 'Add contact type' to add a new type. Contact types can also be renamed or deleted by selecting the '...' that appears on the right of the type name when you hover over the area.

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