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Add Client Requests to templates and work
Add Client Requests to templates and work

Your company templates can include client requests, which will be carried across to any work items created from the template.

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Add Client Requests to your work templates, to make sure the client follow up happens smoothly. Then start creating work off those templates and sending the client requests out to your clients. Learn more about how by clicking on the indexed sections below.


Add Client Requests to a template

You can add client requests to any of your work templates. Due dates will be assigned just like other tasks on a template.

For each client request group, you can schedule sending rules to have client requests automatically send. You can also select how you would like your clients to be reminded of any incomplete client requests.

Additionally, you can edit the client request email as well as the reminder email.

Click Next to edit the reminder email. 

Keep in mind that this template will can be used to create work across multiple clients so make sure your email is generic enough that this will work and use the placeholders to customize it per client, such as client name etc.

Creating work from a template containing client requests

If your template contains client requests, there may be an extra step to carry out when you create work from it.

When you create work from a template containing client requests, Karbon will prompt you to pick the client you want to send the tasks to.

If your work item has a due date that results in your automatic sending rules being in the past, the client requests will be sent within 10 minutes of the work item being created.

If your template has two client request groups and you choose a client when creating the work item from that template, client requests in both groups will be assigned to the same client. You can edit this when the piece of work has been created.

Client Requests on recurring work

Client requests are copied to future work items in a recurring schedule, just like your internal tasks.

There are a few important things to consider when setting up client requests on a repeating work schedule:

  • The client requests will carry over to future work like internal tasks. Note that comments on client requests (like internal tasks) will not carry over to future work

  • If you send the client requests manually (you do not select a date to automatically send the tasks), then you will have to send the client requests manually for all work in the schedule

  • If you schedule the client requests to send on a specific date, Karbon will send client requests on future scheduled using the number of days between the start date of the work item and the date sent. Please see example below:

Example: If the start date of a monthly work item is April 1, and you schedule the client requests to be sent on April 2, Karbon will use that information and schedule to send the client requests one day after the start date of the next work item (May 2).

If you plan on altering the task items and descriptions in subsequent work items, it is best practice to send your client requests manually, so that you have the ability to edit them before sending.

Track outstanding Client Requests

To track outstanding Client Requests, we recommend adding a Tasklist Automator to the section of Client Requests. You can set this Automator to move the work status to 'Waiting for client', or another custom status that will help you understand that you are waiting action from your client.

When you filter your work by the status 'Waiting for client', you'll be able to see a full list of work items where you are waiting for client action.

Additionally, you could turn on the Global Automator to update the status of work to a custom status like Resend Client Requests when all 5 client request reminders have been sent and the Client Requests are incomplete.

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