Whether you are a new colleague in a firm that already uses Karbon or have started your first Karbon trial, this article is for you. It will help you ensure that you are set up for success!


Video overview of Karbon

With Karbon, you can Improve workflow efficiency, standardize processes, automate tasks, and grow your company at scale with our feature set.

This 7-minute introductory video is perfect if you're new to the app.

Here's an overview of the different features in Karbon:

  • Triage
    Your inbox, reinvented. Learn how to action your emails, achieve #triagezero fast and get on top of your workday.

    How many hours do you usually spend each week managing email? Karbon's Triage is your supercharged inbox. It has been designed to bring your email into your workflow, action it quicker, and break down silos so you don't need to rely on CC email to know what's going on. In fact, Karbon customers save 4 hours on average each week just through Triage alone.

  • My Week
    An overview of what work, emails and notes needs your attention this week.

    My Week provides you with an overview of the current status and further details of all work and tasks assigned to you. You can then organize those items into a manageable action plan outlining exactly what you need to do.

  • To-dos
    Keep track of everything that's your own responsibility with your To-do list.

    Emails in Triage, work items, tasks and notes can all be assigned to the team member who is responsible for actioning that item. With all this going on, you might be wondering what the best way is to keep track of everything that's your own responsibility. This is where your to-do list comes in.

    In your To-do area, every task—big and small—that you need to take care of is brought together to keep track of what you need to work on today, and know what you have coming up next.

  • Work
    Synonymous with projects or jobs, a work item contains everything from email to internal notes, tasks, documents and more. Standardizing your processes is critical to improve efficiency, maintain quality, and scale. It's easy to do this in Karbon using templates.

    In fact, 92% of our customers say the majority of work they complete is driven by standardized workflows and templates.

    Once you have created templates, you can use them to create work items for your clients, and set them up to repeat automatically on a schedule.

Download our Setup checklist

New to Karbon? This checklist will help you confirm how complete your setup is.

There's a lot to consider when setting up Karbon for the first time. If you find yourself wondering, "where should I start?" then this checklist document is a perfect place to look!

It's a great roadmap to see where you're headed as you continue learning more about how Karbon works. Then, when you're ready to start your account setup, it will walk you through the steps that you definitely don't want to miss.

Bookmark Karbon for quick access

Bookmark Karbon (app.karbonhq.com) for easy access. This ensures that you always have a quick and easy way to log in to Karbon!

Update your profile

Your profile in Karbon is where you set up your personal details, auto-share email preference and your email signature.

Update your profile by clicking on your name in the main Karbon menu. Here, you can add or edit your profile photo, your name, title, job roles and any other types of information you’d like to include.

Auto-Share Email from Contacts

An Auto Share email setting allows you to share all your emails to and from contacts in Karbon. With this setting turned on, any emails between you and a saved contact will appear on their timeline, unless you have chosen not to share emails with that specific contact.

Update your signature

Most importantly, you should update your signature. Karbon allows you to update your signature in two ways; you can copy and paste the details in if you don’t want to create your signature from scratch. Upload your logo or logos and save.

Or if you use Gmail or Office 365, you can import your email signature. Reach out through Help & Feedback if you need help with any adjustments.

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