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Comment on Client Requests

You or your clients can comment on individual Client Requests to communicate in context.

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Communicate effortlessly and easily with your clients and internal team members on a job by toggling between the internal and external comment section on Client Requests!


Add a comment on a Client Request

To add an external comment to a client request, add your text in the box that will appear when an individual task is expanded.

When you add a comment, your client will receive an email, or if they have their client request view open, they'll see your comment instantly.

Your client can respond with questions or comments of their own against any client request, in the same way you can. You'll be able to see any client comments against a task instantly and to make sure you don't miss anything, you'll also be notified in Triage

If you add multiple comments in quick succession on a single task within a Client Request, Karbon will wait five minutes before notifying your client by email. This is to consolidate any additional comments, uploaded documents and edits, rather than sending a new email for each one. Each time an update or edit is made, Karbon will reset the timer for five minutes before sending the email notification.

Drag & Drop attachments to a Client Request comment

Drag and Drop items from your computer onto client requests without the need of selecting the paperclip icon and browsing your computer.

Toggle between internal and external comments

Toggle between internal and external comments on client requests as a way to not only collaborate but also communicate and share documents with your clients. But also have internal discussions with team members against these tasks too.

To toggle between internal and external comments, navigate to a client request within a work item and choose between 'Internal' to leave a comment just for your team, and choose 'External' to share with your client.

External comments will always appear in pink, while internal comments appear in blue.

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