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Discover some of our best practices videos for using different areas of Karbon, such as Triage, work, templates and automation.

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Best Practices for Triage

Discover some best practices for using Triage to deal with your email more efficiently and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks.

Best Practices for To-do

Learn some advanced task-management tips for To-do, to efficiently manage what you are working on today, and plan what's coming up next.

Best practices for managing internal work

Find out how you can use Work and Kanban in Karbon to manage all of the work going on throughout your practice.

Best Practices for Templates, checklists & scheduling work

Learn about templates, work types, custom statuses to standardize your firm.

Best Practices for Automation

Save time and work more efficiently by learning best practices for Automators.

Best practices for managing your day in Karbon

In this video, Ian Vacin (CCO) and Andi Ancheta (SVP Customer Success) demonstrate techniques you and other doers in your team can use to manage each day. He outlines best practices in Karbon with email, To-do, and Work that will ensure you get through your tasks in the quickest time, while ensuring that nothing is missed.

You’ll learn:

  • The optimum way to attend to email in Triage

  • Best team communication and collaboration techniques

  • When to assign tasks and when to create Work

  • Using sorting and filtering to get to your priority list

  • Popular To-do and Work views among other Karbon customers

  • When to view your work in a list and when to use Kanban

Advanced Karbon workflows with templates and client tasks

Personalize Karbon's Templates to ensure a consistent approach to workflow management, and advanced techniques with Client tasks.

Use Karbon's Templates to ensure a consistent approach to workflow management, and advanced techniques with Client tasks that will bring your clients into your workflow and automate your client collaboration process.

How to handle tax season?

Keeping track of everything can get incredibly complicated.

In this video, Ian Vacin (CCO) and Rob Flowers (Customer Success) show how Karbon can help you make your tax period more efficient and stress-free. Learn how you can set up, standardize and automate your workflows in Karbon now, to realize gains in efficiency that will save your employees at least 10 hours each during the busy period.

Using examples of specific workflows, see how Karbon can help you:

  • Manage tax return preparation from beginning to end

  • Keep track of all filing deadlines

  • Collaborate with different teams and departments

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