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Moving items to Later

Utilize the Later section in Triage to manage items that don't require immediate attention.

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When your Triage is cluttered with items that can wait, moving them to Later can help you maintain an organized and efficient workflow. This practice enables you to achieve the highly sought-after Triage zero!

How to Move Items to Later:

  1. Using the Later Icon:

    • Hover over the item in your Triage.

    • Click the Later icon.

  2. Using Overflow Actions:

    • Click the overflow menu (three dots) next to the item.

    • Select 'Save for Later.

Items You Can Move to Later:

You can move a variety of notifications and assignments to 'Later,' including but not limited to:

  • Emails

  • Note notifications

  • Task notifications

  • Client Request notifications

  • Work assignment notifications

  • Alerts

  • Timesheet notifications

  • Billing Run notifications

  • Invoice notifications

Please keep in mind: For emails and notes, the Later option is only available in your Triage. It is not applicable to items in the Timeline, Search, My Week, To-Do, Assignments, etc.

If you accidentally clear an item in your Triage, you can still move it to Later from the Cleared section.

Order and Actions in Later

The order of your items in Later will be based on the last activity that occurred on the item. You can still perform the same actions within Later as you would in your Triage, such as assigning, mentioning colleagues etc., apart from moving them to Low Priority.

Items will remain in Later unless you:

  • Clear the email

  • Return it to Triage

  • Activity moves it back to Triage (within the guidelines of the notify me rules)

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