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(Self-service) Create work in bulk for your clients
(Self-service) Create work in bulk for your clients

Create work in bulk for multiple clients from a single work template.

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Please note: If you would like the ability to further customize your bulk work creation for more than 50 contacts or utilize multiple templates at once, please see our paid add-on service with assistance from the Karbon Team.

Work items can be created for up to 50 contacts from a single work template using the free in-app Bulk Work Creation tool. With the Bulk Work Creation tool, Admin users can choose to create work for multiple contacts, either as a one-off work item or on a repeat work schedule.

Step 1 - Choose the contacts for Bulk Work:

In contacts, multi-select the required contacts and click Add Work. You can select the general settings for the work that will apply to all the clients. You have the option to customize this further in the next step.

Step 2 - Customize your Bulk Work

The Work Instances will be populated with the work settings previously chosen and can be further customized before they are created.

You can now bulk-select some of the work items for further editing information to suit the different needs of your workflow, such as the work naming convention, assignees, roles, and automatic Client Request recipients on individual contacts.

Step 3 - Click Create Work

Once you have customized the work instances, proceed to click the Create Work button and your work instances will be created and assigned out.

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