When getting up and running on Karbon initially (and for certain events throughout the year like annual tax work), you might have the need to create work items in bulk. To create large number of work items, you must request direct assistance from the Karbon team.

Step 1: Request a bulk creation of work ($999 USD)

To bulk create your work, submit a request either in Help & Feedback or to support@karbonhq.com and say "I would like to have our work bulk created in Karbon please." We'll follow up and send you a pre-populated Excel document with your existing clients, work templates, and work items.

Step 2: Identify the work items you want created

Using the Excel spreadsheet, identify which work items you would like to have created and what the work details should be for each (e.g. start date, end date, work template, work recurrence). The Excel document will have your existing clients, work templates, and work items plus an additional worksheet to provide guidance on how to complete.

Step 3: Upload your bulk work item request spreadsheet

Once you have completed the spreadsheet, upload your file to this secure Dropbox link. Once we receive the uploaded file, the Karbon team will review the data, work directly with you if any changes need to be made, request payment, import your data, and resolve any data import issues that arise. You will find your work items created in Karbon with all the details that you provided.

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