When getting up and running on Karbon initially (and for certain events throughout the year like annual tax work), you might find it convenient to have work items created for you in bulk. To do so you must request direct assistance from the Karbon team.

Request a bulk creation of work ($999 USD)

To bulk create your work, submit a request either in Help & Feedback and follow the prompt "Make changes to my Karbon data" to request your work to be created or email to support@karbonhq.com and say "I would like to have our work bulk created in Karbon please." We will respond with a series of Karbon client tasks guiding you through the process.

Step 1: Identify the work items you want created

Within the client tasks you receive will be an Excel spreadsheet to download. Using this spreadsheet, which has been customized to your account, identify which work items you would like to have created for each client. You will then re-upload the spreadsheet to your client tasks. Here's what this step will look like:

Step 2: Define the specific details of your new work items

The Karbon team will review the file and generate a second Excel spreadsheet where specific work details will be populated. We will share this new spreadsheet via your client tasks and work directly with you to determine the work details. In some cases we can populate much of the data for you, and in other cases you may prefer to make customizations yourself. Here is a look at how to work with this spreadsheet and data:

Once the spreadsheet is populated and you have determined whether any final changes still need to be made, we will request payment and import your data. You will find your work items created in Karbon with all the details that you provided. You'll be able to do a final review for accuracy and the Karbon Team will resolve any data import issues identified.

Reference material for bulk work creation spreadsheet fields

Step 1

There are two key steps in bulk creation of work items. In this first step, you'll identify which work items need to be created.

There will then be a second step where the details of those work items are defined.

Once you've requested work be created in bulk, watch for a client task email from the team at Karbon. From there you can download the Step 1 spreadsheet.

The Step 1 spreadsheet has three tabs in it. Each tab has the same layout, with your firm's work templates listed along the top, and your contact names listed down the side.

The only difference between the three tabs is that one lists your people contacts, one lists organizations, and the last shows client groups.

For every contact you need a work item created for, simply place an "x" in the column of the template that work should be based on. It's okay to mark multiple templates for the same client.

Please do not add, remove, or change the order of any columns or rows in this sheet.

Once you're done just save and re-upload the spreadsheet to the original client task. Sit back, and we'll be in touch soon with the next step, where we'll gather details like start and due dates, repeating work settings, and more.

Step 2

Now that we've identified which work items need to be created, it's time to enter the details of each work item.

In this video, we'll focus on how to work with the spreadsheet itself. You'll download the Step 2 spreadsheet from your client tasks.

Please do not add or remove any rows or columns in the spreadsheet.

Please also do not change the order or re-sort any rows or columns.

There is a separate tab for each template being used to create work.

The work type, client type, and client key have already been filled in for you. Please do not change them.

In addition, there are three more required fields: assignee, start date, and due date.

The rest of the fields will define how each piece of work is created, and if desired whether it will repeat on a fixed schedule.

Below this video is a full list of the fields you can fill in, along with tips on different options available to you.

Note that many cells include a drop-down menu of predetermined options. In these cases it's important to choose one of the options from the drop-down. Entering a non-standard value could cause the import to fail. Copying a cell and using the paste-value option is okay.

Complete the data for each tab in the spreadsheet and upload to the client task when done.

We will create a few of your work items and alert you to verify they look they way you intended, after which we'll complete creation of the remainder of your new work.

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