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What is the difference between My Week and To-Do?
What is the difference between My Week and To-Do?

My Week deals with your involvement in an entire work item whereas To-Do's focuses on individual tasks that only you are responsible for.

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My Week provides you with a full overview of your involvement in the work using a ‘work card’. This work card aggregates the number of tasks you are involved in. Because these work cards are contextual to you (your colleague’s card for the same work item will look different to yours) you get a true overview of the work where you can easily decide what is important and what you should pick up next.

Whereas in the To-Do list, each task is treated equally, and you need to find out from the work item where the work is up to and where your involvement in the work begins. The To-Do list requires you to select different filters to get the view you specific items and from there you can decide what to work on next. In My Week, smart filters are displayed that change based on the view you are on and the work you have on your list.

For example: If you have work or tasks that are overdue, a filter will appear for you to click on, which will then reduce the list and help you focus on that requirement.

My Week also helps you prioritize your next items by listing your items by status, in the order of Completed to Planned. Therefore, the items that are further along will appear at the top of the list.

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