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What is the difference between a Work Card and a Work Overlay?
What is the difference between a Work Card and a Work Overlay?

The work card gives you a quick snapshot of an item in My Week, whereas the work overlay gives a more detailed summary of that item.

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The work card is how each item is presented in My Week. Each card displays the name of the work item, the client, how many tasks you have (or if any), the due date of the work, and if anything is overdue (work or tasks). It also provides you with the progress on budgets and on the work card, it also shows you how much time you have left in the budget (if any).

If you require more information you can click on the work card which will bring up a detailed summary of that work item called the work overlay. The work overlay is a module that provides a more detailed summary of the work item.

This overlay will give information such as any pinned notes, the last completed task, how the work item is progressing (including how much budget you have used), and the list of your tasks. You can expect to see the following parts in a work overlay:

  • Assignee of the work item

  • Current Status

  • Start Date

  • Due date

  • Pinned notes within the work item

  • Last completed task

  • How the work item is progressing as well as how much of the budget has been used (hover over the bar)

  • List of your tasks

  • Next tasks (for work assignee)

If you need more information, you can either click through to the full work item or click on an individual task, which will take you to the expanded task on the work item.

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