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Can I be notified if a client isn't responding to Client Request?
Can I be notified if a client isn't responding to Client Request?

Worried that work will fall behind? Here's one way to structure your templates to alert you.

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Updated over a week ago

When using Client Requests, make sure to also set up automatic reminders. Remember that Karbon will send 5 reminders, so if you must hear back from the client in 10 days, set the reminders to send every 2 days.

Next, make sure your Global Automator is set to update work status to Resend Client Requests after the final reminder is sent.

Some users prefer to filter their Kanban Board and save a view to identify any work item with the status Resend Client Requests and then act accordingly. However, you can also structure your work templates to create more proactive notifications.

In this example, the Client Manager role will see the follow-up task in their My Week only if the client fails to complete their client requests prior to all reminders being sent.

If you have multiple Client Request sections in the template that may require this type of proactive follow-up, simply add a task to the section after client requests are received reminding you to manually mark this follow-up item complete (indicating it was not necessary). That way it will not be activated later in the work if other client request sections are not completed on time.

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