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Why can't I access Help & Feedback?
Why can't I access Help & Feedback?

Some ad-blocking extensions can stop the Help & Feedback interface from displaying.

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If you are unable to access Help & Feedback from the Karbon app, it could be a result of it being blocked by some browser extensions installed, such as; ad-blockers or malware extensions.

To fix this we would suggest adding to your exception list or trying to reach us via an incognito browser.

However if the Messenger still doesn’t loading please grab a screenshot of any error messages they see in the Developers Console. To access the Console please follow these instructions:

  • Right click and select 'Inspect' or Command-Option-J.

  • Select 'Console' at the top

  • Filter out levels, keep only 'Errors'

  • Then screenshot any errors shown.

  • Reach out to support at and include those screenshots for further investigation.

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