The Karbon app uses best-in-class security and encryption to protect your data. Information is encrypted in transit and stored securely in enterprise-grade cloud servers.

Karbon is hosted on HTTPS and the lock icon next to your browser address bar lets you know you're protected:

However, some HTML email content (especially from newsletters, etc) can result in a "Not Secure" message appearing when you open the email in Triage:

If you see this, it usually means one or more images in the email is being hosted on a non-SSL enabled site. Your data in Karbon is fine.

You should still maintain all the standard best practices to avoid phishing that you would use in any other email client. If you navigate away from that email and refresh your browser you'll see the lock icon returns immediately.

You can read more here about the best-in-class security measures Karbon provides to all users regardless of subscription level.

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