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We are built upon the feedback from customers like yourself. If you have an idea or feature that you think could make your experience better, we'd love to hear from you.


Submitting a feature request in Community

To submit a feature request, log in to Karbon Community by clicking Help and Feedback, then Karbon Community. Once you're logged in, you're able to click on Feature Ideas in the top menu.

On this page you can see the feature ideas that have been submitted by other users of the community, search for existing feature ideas and submit your own feature idea.

Feature Ideas Guidelines

To ensure all Community members can enjoy sharing and engaging in potential feature ideas, we have some guidelines for everyone to follow.

Search first

It’s possible your idea has already been submitted, so to avoid any double ups, please search existing ideas first. You can then contribute directly to the existing conversation.

Voting and choosing feature ideas to develop next

We value all feature ideas submitted by our Community, and we read each and every request. But in addition to customer feedback, there are many factors that influence which features we implement. If an idea has a high number of votes, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will be added to the product roadmap.

In the same way, if an idea has a low number of votes, this also doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t be added to the roadmap.

But if an idea is in development, we will update the discussion thread. Keep an eye out on future release notes within the Community for improvements made to Karbon.

Engagement from the Karbon team

Although we would love to respond in-depth to each of you, sometimes this isn’t always possible. But we do aim to respond to all ideas, in some way, within 14 days. For example, a response might mean the idea is simply categorized. Another response type might involve us asking you for further information.


The more feedback and engagement from Community members per idea, the better. If you want to vote for a feature idea, we also suggest letting us know why you think it is a great idea and how it would help you.

Reporting bugs

It’s important to note that the Feature Idea section is not the place to report bugs or system issues.

If you have come across a bug, please let us know by clicking on the Help & Feedback section within Karbon or by reaching out to support at

Submitting a feature request from the Karbon app

You can still use the Help & Feedback link in your main menu, and then clicking 'Have an idea that will make Karbon even better?', however this will take you to the Feature Ideas module in Community.

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