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Use the main menu to navigate between what's most important to you, whether that's your Triage, My Week or Work.

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Your main menu in Karbon is where you can navigate to different parts of the app depending on what's most important to you.


Navigating the main menu

Your Main Menu is the number one place for navigating the Karbon app. Here you can easily jump from your Triage to your Work and back to your Triage. Keep in mind that your Main Menu may have more options if you are an admin user or if you have certain extra user permissions.

Generally, your main menu consists of the following:

  • Triage - Your email inbox within Karbon

    • Low Priority

    • Drafts

    • Scheduled

    • Sent

    • Cleared

  • My Week

    • Colleague's Week

  • Assignments

    • Assigned by Me

  • Work - Overview of all work across the business

    • Templates
      Note: You'll need to be an admin to have access to templates.

  • Contacts - the CRM of Karbon, a place for all your contacts

    • My Contacts

    • People

    • Organizations

    • Client Groups

  • Intelligence - If signed up and registered for Karbon Practice Intelligence, you will be able to access your workbooks here. Otherwise, it will present a sign-up page.

  • Insights
    Note: Insights is turned on by default in your user permissions. If you don't see any data when clicking it in your menu, you may need to turn on the setting in your user permissions.

  • Time

    • Colleague utilization

  • Recently viewed - Your last three viewed work items or contacts

  • Your user profile (your name)

  • Community

  • Help and Feedback

  • Settings

  • Log out

Bringing up the main menu

When you are using Karbon on a computer screen (generally a laptop size and larger), the main menu is ‘pinned’ and always on display.

If you are using a smaller device such as a tablet or phone, the main menu will be hidden. You can show it temporarily by clicking the menu icon.

You can choose to hide it by clicking the “X”.

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