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Search globally throughout Karbon for contacts, work, emails or notes. This article will give you an overview of how to best take advantage of the global search, filter your search results and search specific timelines, so you can find the information you need quicker.


Global Search

You can search from anywhere in the app by opening the search in the top right corner, and then type in what you are looking for.

When searching for emails, your search results will display emails in chronological order, with your most recent emails showing first. You will then be able to further filter out items to find the email you need.

To perform an exact search use "" around your keywords, ex. "monthly payroll".

You can also enter a client identifier code to search for the client that it relates to.

Searching for contacts

Find Contacts and Organizations using their Phone Number

Global search allows you to find clients or organizations using their phone numbers, no matter if the number includes the country code, area code, and/or additional symbols (such as + signs or dashes between numbers).

Even if you only have partial information available, the search results will display all contacts and organizations that match the country and area codes.

As you add more digits to the phone number, the search results will become more refined and accurate. You can also search using registration numbers like VAT or BAS.

For a comprehensive list of supported registration numbers, please refer to this article. Additionally, you can always find contacts by their client ID and/or email address.

Exclude Search Terms using a Minus Sign (-)

The search feature can be further refined by adding a minus sign (-) to exclude certain terms from your search results. The minus sign should appear immediately before the word and should be preceded by a space.

For example, if you search for "interest -tax", the results will only show references to "interest" but excludes references to "tax".

Searching for emails

You can search across all your emails, including sent emails, from the Global Search function. From here you can search for any email across the subject, sender, recipients, text or attachment files.

Use keywords to narrow your list of emails. As an example, type the contact name, the month the email was sent or other keywords that might be within the body of the email. Use as many keywords as you like to narrow your search.

If a search term containing more than one keyword does not produce any results, the same search query will be re-run with all keywords optional. You will then see results that contain at least one, but maybe not all, of the keywords.

You can further narrow your list of emails by choosing:

  • Who was involved in the email

  • Excluding emails with comments

  • Excluding Client Task Emails

  • Determining if you want to see emails with specific attachments, or none.

  • Giving a date range of when the email was sent out

Clicking on an email will open it in a new tab of your browser.

Searching for notes

You can search for notes across all work, clients and emails that you have access to from the Global Search function. From here you can search for any note across the note title, body, author, the client name that’s attached to the note, and the work item title that the note is attached to.

Use keywords to narrow your list of notes, as an example; type the client's name, the month the note was created or other keywords that might be within the body of the note. Use as many keywords as you’d like to narrow your search.

Searching on a timeline

To search a timeline, navigate to any timeline for a contact or a piece of work and click the 'search' icon on the right side.

Searching for an email or note within a work or contact timeline has the same rules as when searching in Global Search. Meaning that your query will search across text, subject, titles, senders and recipients.

Your search results will display in chronological order, with the most recent showing first.

To perform an exact search use "" around your keywords, ex. "monthly payroll".

Filter your search results

Karbon searches across your contacts, work and email. You can filter the results you see by selecting Contacts, Work, Email, or Notes.

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