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Intuit ProConnect Tax Integration

Use the Intuit ProConnect Tax integration to gain visibility and instant access to your tax work directly from Karbon.

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Before you get started

It's very important to make sure you have a clean client list in your tax software before you integrate it with Karbon. This includes moving some contacts to be inactive while merging others. These instructions will help you clean up your client list in various Intuit connected applications so that your integration is successful.

How to clean up your client list in Intuit ProConnect Tax

If you have duplicate clients in your Intuit ProConnect Tax, those clients will be duplicated when you integrate with Karbon. We recommend using the merge duplicate client utility to remove any unwanted duplicates.

If you have clients on your client list that you no longer prepare tax returns for it is recommended to mark these clients inactive in Intuit ProConnect Tax. This will hide them from your client list and streamline your integration.

How to mark a client as inactive in Intuit ProConnect Tax

  • Select Clients from the left menu.

  • Find the client you need to make inactive and select their name.

  • Select the down arrow next to Edit Client in the top-right corner.

  • Choose Make inactive.

Update your return Status in Intuit ProConnect Tax

When connecting to Karbon, there is a tax mapping for the Status of the return. If the Status in Intuit ProConnect isn't properly updated, this will cause tax Work items to be created with the wrong Status.

How to mark clients inactive in Intuit Link

While you might have cleaned up your client list in Intuit ProConnect Tax, you might also need to do the same clean-up work with Intuit Link. To do that, follow these instructions:

  • Sign in to Intuit Link.

  • Select the gear in the top-right corner.

  • Choose Manage Clients.

  • Locate the client you wish to make inactive.

  • Select the Mark as Inactive action.

How to clean up your client list in QuickBooks Online Accountant

If QuickBooks Online Accountant is integrated with Intuit ProConnect Tax, you will also need to remove duplicate contacts and merge others.

  • Mark the clients you no longer need Inactive.

  • Merge any duplicate clients.

  • Remove the Company name from any individual clients in QuickBooks Online Accountant. Individual clients with a company name will sync to Karbon as an Organizations contact and can't be changed later. To see if any individual clients that have a Company name:

    • Select Sales > Customer

    • Select the Export to Excel icon in the upper right of your Sales customer list to export your customers to Excel.

    • Open the Customer Excel file and look in the Company column to see if there are any names appearing for Individual clients, if there are, remove the Company name.

  • Know who the Primary Admin is as their login credentials must be used to complete the authentication part of the process. To find the Primary Admin, log in with a user with that has full access to QuickBooks Online Accountant, click on "Team", and look for the Primary Admin.

Initiate Intuit ProConnect Tax with Karbon

Link the integration and Karbon together by logging into your Intuit ProConnect account. Next, in Karbon, navigate to your Settings > Connected Apps and select "Connect" next to Intuit ProConnect.

Next, from the Intuit ProConnect authorization screen, click "Connect" to sync the two products together. If you haven't logged in to Intuit ProConnect at this point, you will be presented with a request to enter username and password.

Import your initial client list

After the connection is established, you will be able to import your client list from Intuit ProConnect. Be sure to read the section above about how to clean up your client list in Intuit ProConnect Tax prior to continuing past this step as all clients in Intuit ProConnect Tax will be imported and/or matched to your Karbon contact list. Click "Import Client List" to continue the sync process.

Once the import is complete, Karbon will provide you the Intuit ProConnect Connected App settings screen for you to complete your review & update of the import, adjust the sync settings going forward, and to create and import tax work.

The Intuit ProConnect Connected App Settings

Once your client import is complete, you can adjust the settings for the integration from the Settings page. You are able to do five things from the Settings:

  • Open ProConnect: Go here to be taken directly into your Intuit ProConnect account.

  • Import & manage your Client List: Initiate a manual sync, review your imported client list and resolve duplicates (or contact conflicts).

  • Edit contact sync settings: Change the Contact Type associated to new contacts from Intuit ProConnect and select which group of contacts are pushed from Karbon to Intuit ProConnect based on the Contact Types assigned to a given contact.

  • Edit tax workflows: Determine which Colleagues are assigned as the default work assignee when new tax work is created in Karbon.

  • Import tax returns: Initiate a sync to generate (or match) work items in Karbon from (with) open tax work in ProConnect.

  • Review Prior Tax Returns Imported: Review all work items matched or created from the Import Tax Return sync.

Open ProConnect

Within Karbon, there are many ways to get directly into your integrated Intuit ProConnect account including in the Connected Apps settings, work item Tax Return tab, or even in selected work item tasks. Whenever you click on "Open ProConnect" link in Karbon, it will take you into the sign in screen, and upon successfully signing in, to the main navigation, specific client or specific tax return depending on where in Karbon you are trying to navigate from.

Import & manage your client list

From the ProConnect Client List section, you can do three things:

  • Import clients

  • View client list

  • Resolve duplicates

Import Clients

Complete this action to initiate a manual contact sync between Karbon and Intuit ProConnect. This may be needed if contacts are slow to load between the systems or if new contacts are added to QuickBooks Online Accountant and haven't propagated from Intuit ProConnect to Karbon.

View Client List

Click this to review the clients currently synced between the two systems. If needed, you can "Remove Match" from the ellipses (...) menu.

Resolve Duplicates

When an import is completed, if there are duplicates, it will list the number of clients imported as well as the number of clients that have duplicate information.

Select "Resolve Duplicates" button to bring up the list.

The contacts may share the same email address or the same name. If they are the same contact and a new one does not need to be created, select the contact from the list on the right and click the "Match" button. If the contact is not a match, click the "Create a New Contact" link.

Continue through the process to resolve all the conflicts.

Edit contact sync settings

Within Karbon, a contact may or may not sync to the program that it is connected to. The syncing will depend on where it is first created and the contact sync settings that are chosen.

Editing the Contact Sync Settings

When a contact is created in Karbon, it will sync to the connected program if the Contact Type chosen is checked to sync. To see if a created contact will sync to the connected program:

  • Go to Settings > Connected Apps > Intuit ProConnect Tax.

  • Edit the Contact Sync Settings.

  • Check to see what Contact Types are checked off in the "Sync Contacts of Type" list and if needed, choose which type of contact to sync or not by checking or unchecking the type in the list. If changes are made, select "Save" before browsing away from the page.

  • Next go to Contacts.

  • Select the contact to open it and go to the Details tab.

  • In the Details tab check to see if the Contact Type is a type that will sync, if it is then the contact will sync to the connected program. If the Contact Type needs to be updated so it'll sync, select "Edit" in the upper right and change the Contact Type to the appropriate one. If changes are made, select "Save" before browsing away from Basic Details.

The top section in the Contact Sync Settings will let you specify the Contact Type assigned to any new contact from the integrated app to Karbon. The default is "Client" but you may decide to create a new Contact Type and have your synced contacts obtain that Contact Type to easily identify and filter those throughout Karbon (e.g. "Client - ProConnect").

The second section allows you to specify which contacts based on their assigned Contact Type in Karbon will be pushed to the integrated app. Only contacts with this Contact Type will be synced. Once the first sync is completed, any new contact with a selected Contact Type will be created in the integrated app and will be updated going forward if a change to the contact is made (e.g. name, email, phone and/or address change).

Wondering why your Karbon contacts didn't flow to Intuit ProConnect on initial sync? Check out this FAQ to learn why and how to resolve.

Edit tax workflows

Because the integration with Intuit ProConnect will create work items from your integrated work templates, it is important to review (denoted with a ProConnect tag) and personalize the pre-built work templates (e.g. 1040, 1120, 1065) in Settings > Work Templates prior to completing the Intuit ProConnect Setup Assistant.

For each of the tax types, select an individual to be assigned to work items that will be generated.

  • The assignee defaults to the Primary Admin completing the sync process. If additional colleagues were invited, click on the "X" next to the name and begin typing in a colleague’s name to make changes.

  • Only one individual can be assigned to each separate return type.

  • None of the tax types can be left blank. Even if you do not complete a particular type of return, there must be a name assigned to it.

  • Any colleague that was invited in the previous step is an option. The invitation does not need to have been accepted in order to be able to assign work.

  • Once you are in Karbon, you will be able to reassign work items individually or you can request a bulk update to reassign multiple items to multiple colleagues.

  • When all Default Work Assignees are selected, select "Save".

Import tax returns

Step 1: Match statuses

Before importing the returns, match your existing tax statuses from your tax program on the left to one of the 5 statuses available in the drop down menu on the right. This is found after clicking "Import Tax Returns".

The matching of the Intuit ProConnect tax return status with the Karbon work status ensures that every tax work item generated in Karbon has its work status updated to reflect where the tax return in Intuit ProConnect is currently at. However, after the initial updating of the Karbon work status, the Intuit ProConnect tax return status and Karbon work status will run independently of one another as you complete the tax return, but both will be visible, tracked, and filterable within Karbon.


  • There may not be an exact match but pick the one that is closest. Additional statuses can be created in Settings > Workflow > Statuses.

  • It’s recommended you review all the items at least twice to ensure none were missed or the wrong status selected.

  • If an incorrect Karbon Work Status is selected here, the work items will need to be individually updated within the program or a bulk work request can be completed to update multiple items at a time.

Step 2: Select tax year and import

In the second section, choose whether you want to create new tax work for the "Current Tax Year" or the "Previous Tax Year". To make it easier, the tax year is provided in parentheses to be clear. Once selected, click "Import Tax Returns". For all tax returns in Intuit ProConnect Tax, Karbon will either create a new work item or match and link to an existing work item. Those work items will use the work templates that were specified earlier in the process. Karbon will also put the work on the appropriate recurring schedule.

When completed, Karbon will display the number of returns imported. Select the "Finish" button to return to the Intuit ProConnect connected app settings.

Tip (Proforma): Most tax professionals will use the Proforma rollover function within Intuit ProConnect Tax prior to importing the tax returns. This allows for all the necessary tax work in Intuit ProConnect to be generated first (with the data from the prior year's return pre-populated), and then the associated work items in Karbon to be created second. After the Proforma is completed, additional tax returns may be created in Intuit ProConnect. You can easily import those additional tax returns here in Karbon by clicking "Import Tax Returns" at any time.

Review prior tax returns imported

Once you have imported your Intuit ProConnect tax returns, Karbon will display the results and allow you to see the details in the Tax Year section. You can review the number of tax returns imported and the number of tax returns created.

In addition, you can review the results of the created work items and linked tax returns by downloading the "Download Report (CSV)" link.

It provides you a summary of the imported returns including the:

  • Tax Year

  • Intuit ProConnect (ITO) Client

  • Return Type

  • Return ID

  • Practice Management (Karbon) Contact

  • Linked Work Item (Name)

  • Work Item Status

  • Work Item ID

Leveraging the integration between Karbon and Intuit ProConnect Tax

There is much beyond the contact integration between Karbon and Intuit ProConnect. It all relates to making it simpler to create, file, track, and complete the tax work for your clients.

Understanding the integrated experience within Intuit ProConnect Tax

Once Karbon is integrated with Intuit ProConnect, your contacts are in sync and so are your tax returns (ProConnect) and tax work items (Karbon). Whether you click on a specific client's integrated task or their Tax Return tab, you will be taken directly to their tax return in Intuit ProConnect.

Then, when working within a specific client's tax return, the following will be automatically reflected in Karbon as you work with them in Intuit ProConnect:

  • Tax return statuses

  • eSignature access

  • eFiling statuses

For tax return statuses, there is a list of six default tax return statuses in Intuit ProConnect and the option of creating additional customized statues. As you complete the tax work and toggle these statuses, Karbon will reflect that and display that value wherever the Tax Return Status is available like under Work Filters and the Tax Return tab on a specific work item.

Likewise, as work progresses through eSignature and eFiling in Intuit ProConnect, the Karbon work item will automatically reflect the values and current state in the associated integrated Karbon tasks and the Tax Return tab in the linked work item.

Customizing the integrated tax workflows within Karbon

When initially creating the tax work items in Karbon from the existing tax returns from Intuit ProConnect, seven integrated work templates will be leveraged to build the associated work items. Those work templates are named as:

  • Tax: Individual tax return (1040)

  • Tax: Partnership tax return (1065)

  • Tax: Corporate tax return (1120)

  • Tax: S-Corp tax return (1120S)

  • Tax: Estates & Trusts tax return (1041)

  • Tax: Tax-exempt organization tax return (990)

  • Tax: Gift tax return (709)

As their name implies, based on the Intuit ProConnect Tax return type (e.g. Form 1040), Karbon will automatically select and build the new tax work items leveraging the right work template. Those work templates are responsible for generating the following areas and data of the created work item:

  • Client: Linked the client of the open tax return

  • Assign To: Assigned to the Karbon colleague set as the default in the Karbon Intuit ProConnect Connected App Settings under Tax Workflows.

  • Status: Set to the mapped associated mapped Karbon work status from the Intuit ProConnect tax return status (only upon creation).

  • Start Date: Defaulted to January 1 of the year the tax return is due (e.g. tax year 2022 would have a start date of January 1, 2023).

  • Due Date: Automatically set based on the tax return type (e.g. 1040 return = April 15).

  • Timeline: Shows an audit trail of what actions were taken when the work item was auto-created.

  • Tasks: Create the task list that is currently published for the associated work template for the return type.

  • Budget: Create the budget details (fee type, fee amount, and budgeted time for each combination of role & task type) that are currently published for the associated work template for the return type.

  • Details: Complete the provided details (e.g. Description and Work Type) that are currently published for the associated work template for the return type.

  • Repeat Schedule: All work items generated are placed automatically on an annual repeating work schedule.

While the work template is able to generate the items above, only some of those details are adjustable. Those include the Tasks, Budget, and Details tabs.

Note, the work assignee field is populated based on the defaults in the Connected Apps Settings (under Tax Workflows) and the initial work status is set based upon the mapping specified during the "Import Tax Return" process highlighted earlier. The remaining details are populated by set, uneditable defaults within Karbon (including the work item's name).

For each work template, Karbon allows you to customize the Tasks, Budget and Details tabs. To edit an integrated work template, go to Settings > Work Templates, and select a work template with a "ProConnect" label next to the name.

Once in the work item, adjust the details in the Tasks, Budget and Details tabs as you wish. Because the work template is integrated with Intuit ProConnect, you will not be able to rename or delete the work template nor delete the two integrated tasks (see below) within the Tasks tab. Everything in the Budget and Details tabs can be adjusted to whatever values you would like.

Once you are done customizing your integrated work templates, remember to "Publish" the work template to make them available for future "Import Tax Return" actions.

Why can't I delete or rename specific Intuit ProConnect tax workflow templates?

When Karbon integrates with Intuit ProConnect Tax, it generates a set of pre-defined and interlinked workflows and tasks. These workflows are denoted with a branded tag.

In order to keep the tax returns and Karbon work items in sync, these work templates have been setup such that they can't be renamed nor deleted. While you can update the name of the work items after they are created (either through a bulk update or one-by-one), note that the future work items in the scheduled series will retain the set naming convention from the integrated work template. This is to ensure that upon creation, the work items and tax returns are integrated and in sync.

Leveraging integrated tasks in tax work items

Not only have work templates been integrated with Intuit ProConnect, but also several select tasks in the Tasks tab are also integrated. They include the following steps:

  • Create tax returns

  • Receive accepted status(es) from the tax authorities

When customizing work templates in Karbon, you can remove or edit any task to customize them to fit your workflow. This is the case for all of the predefined templates except for the Intuit ProConnect Tax branded templates.

You can delete all tasks in the tax branded template, except for the two ProConnect Tax branded tasks. These tasks help with the integration of the tax product with Karbon. You can, for these two integrated tasks, edit the task names, but not the descriptions.

We recommend making a copy of the original template before making any edits. To make a copy, create work from the template, and adjust.

After saving the copy (so that you can refer back to it if needed), you can edit, delete, or reorder the sections within the original, integrated tax templates. However, be careful not to delete a section that contains an Intuit ProConnect Tax branded task. The tasks around them can be deleted or edited, but if the section is deleted, the tax template will have issues syncing and will require assistance by the Karbon Support Team.

Is the structure of the tax work template not how you prefer? Note that you can easily move the integrated tasks to be in other sections and other places. Just drag and drop to a new section. Again, feel free to adjust the integrated work templates to however you wish in regards to sections, tasks, automation, budget, details and otherwise. You just can't delete the two integrated tasks without disrupting the integration aspects for these set templates.

If you find that you made a mistake or deleted something by accident, you can either review the copied template to copy and paste the missing details or discard the draft work template changes to restore to the original version and start editing again.

Integrated Task #1: Create tax returns

The "Create tax returns (for Federal and State)" enables you to either:

  • Easily access a linked return in Intuit ProConnect tax via a text link

  • Create (and link) a return in Intuit ProConnect for this given client work item

If a tax return is not associated to work item, you will see the screen above provide you the option to either "Create Return" or "Link to Existing" return. In most cases, you will be creating a new return. Once you click "Create Return", you will be asked to specify the Tax Year for the new return and, if you have prior year's tax return completed for this given client in Intuit ProConnect, whether you want to "Transfer data from prior return". Check this option this if you want to do a Proforma roll-over for this given client.

Once you click "Create", Karbon will do the following: 1) Create the tax return for this given tax year for the specified client; and 2) Roll-over the data from the prior year's return if it exists and option is selected.

Integrated Task #2: Receive accepted status(es)

The second integrated task between Karbon and Intuit ProConnect will transfer the status and details of your e-File status with the IRS. When you e-File the return, as the details are transmitted to Intuit ProConnect from the IRS, those details will also transfer and be available for review within this task and also on the Tax Return tab.

Using the Tax Return work item tab

Unlike other work items, the integrated tax work items have an additional tab in the header named "Tax Return". This tab provides you the full details of the integrated work item including:

  • Tax Return details: Client, return type, tax year, tax return status, when created, if the primary return, and the ability to go directly to the tax return within Intuit ProConnect.

  • E-File details: The status and associated IRS filing details once the tax return is e-filed to the IRS via Intuit ProConnect.

  • E-Signature: Direct link and access to request an E-Signature from the client via Intuit ProConnect.

Note, everything displayed in the Tax Return tab are the details provided by Intuit ProConnect so that you can review how that matches with the details in Karbon while providing easy access back to the tax return in Intuit ProConnect.

Setting, using, and leveraging the integrated tax return statuses

As mentioned above, Intuit ProConnect has its own tax return statuses (versus Karbon's work statuses) that can be selected directly in an Intuit ProConnect tax return.

When specified or changed in Intuit ProConnect, Karbon will automatically update the Tax Return Status field in Karbon. You will find the Tax Return Status field displayed in the Tax Return tab on a work item, and available in filters for Work.

There are six pre-defined tax return statuses to choose from and you can easily create and customize additional tax return statuses directly in Intuit ProConnect. The six default tax return statuses are:

  • Not Started

  • Refer to notes

  • Waiting for payment

  • In progress

  • Payment received

  • Waiting for client review

With the Tax Return Status field available, you can easily create customized saved views in Work that show the progress based on where the work is at in Intuit ProConnect.

You can also choose to hide or show the Tax Return Status on the summary cards when viewing your work in Kanban view.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to push contacts from Karbon to Intuit ProConnect Tax

As noted above, Karbon will not create new clients in the integrated app on the initial sync. However, it will create a new contact from this point forward if the following criteria is met:

  • New Contact: Upon creating a new contact, the Contact Type matches the selected Contact Type(s) identified in the Intuit ProConnect Contact Sync Settings.

  • Existing Contact: A change to the contact is made (e.g. contact type, name, email, phone and/or address change) AND the Contact Type of the existing contact matches the selected Contact Type(s) identified in the Intuit ProConnect Contact Sync Settings.

So, if you want to push / match a select set of contacts from Karbon to the integrated app, we recommend that you create a new Contact Type (e.g. "Client - ProConnect") and then update the contacts you want to sync to the integrated app to have the new Contact Type specified. This will be identified as a change to the contact and, since the contact matches the Contact Type in the Intuit ProConnect Contact Sync Settings, it will sync those contacts between Karbon and the integrated app.

Looking to update Contact Types in bulk for contacts? Use the export/import bulk contact update file from the Contact Export/Import icon.

What happens when a new contact is created in Karbon, Intuit ProConnect Tax or QuickBooks Online Accountant?

Review the explanations below for the expected behavior depending on whether a new contact is created in Karbon, Intuit ProConnect Tax, or QuickBooks Online Accountant.

What happens when a new contact is created in Karbon (that is integrated to Intuit ProConnect Tax)?

If the contact that was created in Karbon as:

  • People—The contact will be added to Intuit ProConnect Tax as an Individual client.

  • Organizations—The contact will be add to Intuit ProConnect Tax as a Business client.

  • The tax Work item in Karbon will be automatically generated and connected once the tax return is created in Intuit ProConnect Tax.

What happens when a new contact is created in Intuit ProConnect Tax (that is integrated to Karbon)?

If a contact is created in Intuit ProConnect Tax it will sync to Karbon as:

  • Contact Type of Client unless this is changed in the Intuit ProConnect Tax setting in Karbon.

  • Individual clients will be created as People.

  • Business clients will be created as an Organizations.

  • Once the tax return is created the Work item will automatically be generated and linked to the tax return.

What happens when a new contact is created in Intuit ProConnect Tax (that is integrated to Karbon)?

  • If the contact is created in QuickBooks Online it will sync to Karbon (via Intuit ProConnect Tax) as a Contact Type of Client.

  • Individual clients will be created as People.

  • Business clients will be created as an Organizations.

  • Clients created under Sales > Customers > New Customer that have a Company name entered when created will be created as an Organizations.

Note: Syncing is not instantaneous and does take some time to complete.

What fields sync between Karbon, Intuit ProConnect Tax and QuickBooks Online Accountant?

What fields sync between Karbon and Intuit ProConnect Tax?

The following fields will sync between the two applications:

  • Taxpayer/Entity Name (Spouse's information won't sync)

  • Street address

  • Apartment number

  • City

  • State

  • ZIP code

  • Email address

  • Return Status

  • E-file status

  • eSignature status

  • Phone number for business modules:

    • Telephone number

  • Phone numbers for individual modules:

    • Home telephone

    • Work telephone

    • Work Extension

    • Mobile number

Return, E-file and eSignature statuses will appear on the tax work item's Tax Return tab. Social Security/Federal Identification numbers are necessary for a client to sync with Karbon; however, these aren't imported.

What fields sync between Karbon and QuickBooks Online Accountant (when Intuit ProConnect Tax is integrated)?

The following fields will sync between the two applications (via Intuit ProConnect Tax):

  • Customer/Entity Name

  • Street address

  • City

  • State

  • ZIP code

  • Telephone number

    • Mobile number

    • Home telephone

  • Email address

The Display name as field from QuickBooks Online Accountant doesn't sync to Karbon. If the Contact name in Karbon is updated this will replace the Display name as a field in QuickBooks Online Accountant.

Why did my primary taxpayer information change?

The primary contact card in Karbon indicates the main contact information for a contact. When the primary contact card is updated or another card is made primary, the Taxpayer's address, email address, and phone number changes in the subsequent tax program.

To change the taxpayer's information back:

  • In Karbon, select "Contacts".

  • Select the contact name.

  • Go to the Details tab.

  • In the Details tab find the Contact Cards.

  • Select the Star in the upper right to change the primary contact card to the correct one or edit the information and select "Save".

Need assistance?

If you are having issues with the Intuit ProConnect Tax setup or operation, please contact Karbon using the Chat or emailing at

If you are having issues with Intuit ProConnect Tax product itself or with how the integration is performing or operating, please contact the Intuit team.

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