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Send Client Requests to multiple people
Send Client Requests to multiple people
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You can now send Client Requests to multiple contacts at the same time.

After creating a Client Request in a new or existing work item, simply click Send Client Request, and choose your contact/s. You can choose up to 10 contacts, and the email will display who has received the Client Request.

After the request has been sent, you still have the option to manage the client list by adding or removing contacts. Click on the Client Request header or use the options menu (...) to select Manage Client Request and make any necessary changes.

If you remove contacts, they will no longer have access to the Client Request. If you add additional contacts, the Client Request will be resent to everyone, providing visibility to those newly-included contacts.

The sent Client Request is updated in real-time for all those involved. If someone marks a task off or leaves a comment, all the participants will have visibility of this. The Client Request email will also display the names of all those who have received the request. If your client has setup a login for the Client Portal, all participants can see actions made by other participants, such as checking off a task or leaving a comment.

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