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Why can't I send an invoice?
Why can't I send an invoice?

An invoice may not send due to an accounting period missing, invoice date being in a closed accounting period or having a negative invoice.

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Sending issues

There are some issues that will stop the invoice from being able to be sent. When these occur, the user will be told what the issue is and how to fix it:

  1. No Accounting Period
    If the firm has not set an accounting period they will need to set it in Billing Settings before sending invoices

  2. Invoice Date not open in an Open Accounting Period
    If the invoice date is not in an open accounting period, they will not be able to approve or send the invoice. They will need to select an invoice date in the current accounting period

  3. Negative Invoice
    If the invoice total = a negative value. The user will need to resolve the issues and retry

  4. Missing Details
    If the user tries to send an invoice with missing details they will be told which details are missing and need to add them. If they try to approve, they will just be warned.

Once you've resolved the issue, you can then send your invoice to your client.

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