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Manage budgeted fees on work
Manage budgeted fees on work

Assign a dollar value to it, and use this information to make better-informed decisions.

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Note: If you have Time & Budgets turned on in your account, please review this article instead. This page is intended for customers not using the Time & Budgets feature. You will have access to turn on Time & Budgets if you are on our Business or Enterprise plan, but not our Team Plan.

Add budgeted fee's on your work items and time estimates to work team members and learn how to manage your work fee's on your Kanban board.


Adding a budgeted fee to a work item

Under 'Basics' on the work item's Details tab, select 'Edit'. There, you can add a budgeted fee, and click 'Save'.

The budgeted fee value will appear in the 'Basics' section of the work item's Details tab.

In the Work view, you can also view this information to assist your planning - both on the Kanban board and in List mode.

Managing work budgets on your Kanban board

Your Kanban board shows useful information relating to using Time & Budgets in work.

Total values of all work items represented in your current view are displayed at the top of your Kanban board.

You also have the option from your sorting menu to Display Column Totals. This will display the aggregate values of all the work items represented in each Kanban column. Any changes you make to work items (for example, moving one work item to another column), will update the totals without you needing to refresh your screen.

Each Kanban work card will display the budget, actual, and remaining amount of both time and dollar amounts. These figures are also available when viewing in list mode.

Change the currency used for fee's

You can change the currency your firm uses to estimate the budget for work items in Settings > Company details.

Keep in mind: You will need to be an admin to access this setting and this will update across all work items. You are unable to alter the currency for individual work items.

For Team Plan users

Work item time estimates are now part of Karbon's Time & Budgets functionality. This functionality is available for customers on the Business and Enterprise plans, but it is not part of the Team plan.

Note: If you want to discuss upgrading your plan so that you can use the full Time & Budgets functionality, contact us via chat on Help & Feedback or email us at

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