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Add and assign to-do items
Add and assign to-do items

Learn how to add items to your to-do, and assign items to yourself and your team members.

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Assigning something in Karbon to yourself or a colleague will turn it into a to-do item for the assignee and it's super easy.


Add a to-do item

Navigate to your To-do list and click Add Item. Choose if you'd like to assign it to yourself or a colleague, the to-do and due date, give it a title and a description and click Add.

Keep in mind that the difference between to-do date and due date, is that to-do dates determine when you want to actually do the work, whereas the due date is when the work has to be done because it is due. The to-do and due date will help determine where the item shows up on your To-do list, depending on how you have sorted your list.

Assign items to yourself or colleagues.

For an email, note, task or piece of work to display in someone's to-do, it must first be assigned.


Assigning an email is easy! Click on the Assign icon on your email or, on the Options menu "...", select Assign to me or to a colleague.

When the modal displays, type your colleague’s name (if you are assigning the item to yourself, type your own name or simply 'me') and select them. You can also add a to-do date to indicate when the email should be actioned and due date if there's a deadline.

We recommend using the comments field when assigning to colleagues, to add a bit of guidance and additional information as to what you expect your colleague to do. Now that this email has been assigned, it will exist in the assigned person's to-do list to action later.


You can add a note to a to-do list by creating it from the global add menu '+', and assigning it to someone. You can also add a note by going to the person's to-do list and selecting Add Item.

The note will become a to-do item if it is assigned to yourself or to a colleague. If the note is attached to a piece of work or a contact but has no assignee, it will not appear on anyone's to-do list.


Every time you add a piece of work, it will automatically appear on their to-do list of the assignee. Initially, it will appear in the period that the work start date falls in.


When assigning a task within a work item you have two options to do this. The first is by using the drop-down for 'Assigned To' and choosing 'Assign to Me' or 'Assign to Colleague'.

Or in the search module for 'Assign To' type in your colleague's name, your own name or simply 'me' and the right name will appear.

When a task is created and assigned to you, it will appear in your to-do list. It will fall in the to-do period that the related work start date falls in. Or, you can choose a to-do date for the item, which will cause the item to display in that correlating to-do period.

Assignment panel

Every time you assign a to-do item, it will display an assignment panel:

If you expand the to do item you can see:

  • who is it assigned to

  • who assigned it

  • the to-do period it currently sits on

  • the due date

  • the status of its progress

All these details can be changed by clicking on them or by reassigning an item.

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