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Building custom work views to save and share
Building custom work views to save and share

Whether in Kanban or List mode, work view dashboards help you quickly check in on the information you need.

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Work views in Karbon should answer specific questions and solve specific problems. Don't feel like you need one view that solves for everything all at once. Build focused views and save them for quick one-click reference later.

How to start:

  1. Ask: Ask yourself the business question you want to have answered.

  2. Filter: Use the filters to narrow down your data to see to what matters.

  3. Sort: Use the View By to organize the display to what’s meaningful.

  4. Explore: Review the data to determine if it is what you expect.

  5. Share: Send the view to colleagues to answer questions and illustrate your point.

Prepare your data:

  1. Configuration of settings such as Work Type and Work Status directly affects how you can filter and sort your views.

  2. Automators in your work keep your views always up to date.

  3. Segment clients with Contact Type and Related Client Groups.

  4. Organize Colleagues into Teams for easier grouping.

Popular views to build and save

Purpose: Keep an eye on progress to prevent common recurring work from falling through the cracks (routine payroll, bookkeeping, etc).

Filters: Work Type, Due Date

View Mode: Kanban

Sort: Status

Purpose: Identify work trending over budget before it progresses too far.

Filters: Work Type, Task Completion less than 25%, Budget Used over 50%

View Mode: Kanban

Sort: Assignee

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