The group workflow session, Karbon Fundamentals, for which you have registered is an interactive session. To get the most out of the session, there are a few simple but essential steps to help prepare.

Before the webinar:

Please review the materials below and complete the short activities in your Karbon account. This pre-work should take you about 20 minutes.

During the 60-minute interactive session, you and other attendees will have the chance to share what you tried, how it went, and what additional questions came up during that experience.

Registrations are kept to a minimum to allow everyone the chance to engage, ask questions, and get feedback relevant to their workflows. And if your computer doesn't have a microphone, please join anyway and participate using the live chat function.

Remember, it is perfectly fine if the activities did not work as expected. Simply attempting them will give you the context needed to participate fully.

VIDEO: Navigating Karbon (3-mins)

Navigate successfully in Karbon to any desired destination, see available support resources and how to access them.

VIDEO: Triage (2-mins)

Triage combines your email with other internal team notifications. It is your communications hub within Karbon.

ACTIVITY: Send and action an email (2-mins)

  1. Click the + icon in the upper right in Karbon and compose a new email. Send it to yourself (say whatever you like, it's just for practice).

  2. In a moment you should receive the email in your Triage inbox. Click the email to expand your view and in the tray on the right, click "Add to your to-do list."

  3. Click the "Assign & Clear" button and the email will disappear from Triage (don't worry, we'll see it again shortly).

VIDEO: To-do List (1-mins)

Best practice in Karbon is to always clear your Triage inbox promptly. Emails requiring more than a cursory response are added to your To-do list for you to work on in conjunction with other work and tasks assigned to you.

ACTIVITY: Manage To-do list (2-mins)

  1. Navigate to your To-do list and find the email you assigned to yourself a moment ago. Hint: try using a filter, the sorting settings, or clicking into the different due date blocks. If the list of items is difficult to manage, make sure your setup is right for you.

  2. Imagine completing whatever action the email required of you. All done? Tick the box in the upper left of the email to mark it done, and watch the item disappear from your To-do list.

VIDEO: Work items (3-mins)

Learn the components of Work items and how they help organize both your standardized and repeating workflows, as well as custom projects.

ACTIVITY: Create a work item (3-mins)

  1. Create a work item by clicking the + button in the upper right.

  2. Title the work, "My Karbon Questions," set the Assignee to yourself, Client to your firm, and the Start Date to today. Click "Create."

  3. Click into the Tasks tab and click the "Add Task" button to the right of the default section. Type in a quick question describing something you want to learn about Karbon. Click "Enter" and type in another question. Keep going until you've captured what's on your mind right now.

ACTIVITY: View your work (1-mins)

  1. Use the left-hand main menu to go to your Work page.

  2. Can you find your new "Karbon Questions" work item on this page? If not, make sure you have registered for and attended our Account Optimization & Template Building session to learn how to customize this page.

  3. In the meantime, try using the Global Search to find your work item.

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: Setup repeating work (5-mins)

  1. Create another new work item, but this time use a template. Your account has several best practice templates pre-loaded by Karbon; choose any one you want for the purposes of this activity.

  2. Once the work is created, add a repeating schedule that reflects the type of work you do for your clients.

OPPORTUNITY: Contact import

As you continue your Karbon setup you'll be offered the opportunity to do a complimentary import of client data. You can start familiarizing yourself with the process here in case you'd like to start assembling data from your current systems ahead of time.

You can also add clients manually whenever you need, here's how:

OPTIONAL ACTIVITY: Create new contact (2-min)

  1. Click the + button in the upper right and choose to "Create New Contact."

  2. Choose to "Add Person" and enter their name and email. If your client is the company this person works for, enter its name in the organization box (as you type, existing contacts will be displayed to choose from, or you can simultaneously create a new organization contact along with the new person).

During the webinar

We will review each of the four activities by discussing as a group, as well as diving deeper into each section:

  1. How successful was the activity for you?

  2. Did anything prevent you from completing the activity?

  3. What additional questions came to mind as a result of the activity?

As a reminder, here are the four short activities listed above that you should complete prior to the webinar:

  1. Send and action an email.

  2. Manage To-do list.

  3. Create a work item.

  4. View your work.

See you soon!

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