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Why is there a work item missing under a Client Group?
Why is there a work item missing under a Client Group?

Why aren't all work items showing up under the Client Group? Find your missing work item by reading this article!

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Work for a person or organization can be added to a maximum of one client group. When you create work for a contact who is a member of more than one client group, you will have the option to select what group you want the work added to.

To move a work item from one Client Group to another, simply click on the options menu "..." and select Change Client to update related Client Group.

What if I can't find a specific work item for a Client Group?

If you are filtered down to a specific client group on the work Kanban or List view and can't find a specific work item, chances are that the work item either doesn't exist or that it's been added to another Client Group by mistake when the work item was created.

Keep in mind that the work view only shows work items, so if no work item exists for a specific client group, the client will not show up at all on the work view.

If you have any questions regarding what does and doesn't show up on the work view, or one of your items have gone missing, feel free to reach out to our Support.

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