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Comment and collaborate on a task
Comment and collaborate on a task

Use comments on tasks to add notes or bring a colleague into the conversation to collaborate on the task.

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Task comments allow you to add notes against any task in Karbon. You can also use comments to notify colleagues or entire teams to bring them into the conversation.


Commenting on a task

Whether you need to ask for a colleague's input, request for something to be reviewed, or notify someone that their own task is ready to begin, comments makes it a lot easier to communicate, collaborate and work more effectively.

You are able to comment on both tasks and Client Requests, meaning you can make a comment for your team or have a conversation with a client in the comment section.

You can also comment internally on Client Requests to bring team members into work.

To toggle between internal and external comments, navigate to a client task within a work item and choose Internal to leave a comment just for your team, or External to share the comment with your client.

Notifications of updates or comments on a task

Karbon users receive a Triage notification when a new comment is added to a task they are involved with. If you are an active participant in a task comment thread, are mentioned by another colleague, or are the task's assignee, you will be notified in Triage of any comments on that task made by a colleague.

Clicking the notification will expand it, providing you with the task's complete details and the option to respond back to the comment.

Opting in and out of task notifications

The information tray to the right of a task includes a toggle that lets you choose whether you are notified of future comments or not.

Note: Even if you turn notifications off, you will still be notified when a team member mentions you.

Tasks in My Week

When you are assigned a task on a work item, this work item will appear in your My Week. Depending on how you've set up your repeat work settings, it can either show up under 'To Plan' or it will automatically move to 'This Week' when the start or due date is coming up in this week.

Once you've done the task, you can safely move the work item to the 'Done' bucket, as this does not complete the work item, but just moves it out of your My Week. If a client or colleague comments on the task (even if you've completed it), it will automatically move back into your 'This Week' bucket and be highlighted in bold.

Uploading files to tasks

Files and documents can be uploaded to any task or sub-task by adding it to the task description.

When you add a description a formatting bar will appear, which includes the option to upload attachments.

Note: If the work is on a repeating schedule, the document will flow through to future work. If you do not wish the document to be copied over to future work in the schedule, we suggest uploading the document to the comment area of the task.

You can also upload files to tasks in a template by following the same steps.

Uploading files to a comment

If you do not wish to have the file flow through to future work, you can upload unique files in the comment section of the task. When uploading a file to a Client Task, this will alert the client through email that there's been an update to one of their tasks. Therefore we recommend uploading files to the comment section before sending out the client task, as to not spam your client with Client Task reminders.

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