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Assign, reassign and unassign a task
Assign, reassign and unassign a task

Whether you need to assign or reassign a task, it is very easy to do from within a work item.

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A task in Karbon can only be assigned to one person. However, you can assign the work to one colleague and the tasks within the work item to other colleagues. Alternatively, you can assign a task to one colleague and indent tasks to others.

But how do you assign a task, and what information is needed when you do? Read on to find out!


Assign a task

To assign a task in a work item, simply click on the task and then click on None under Assigned To and choose to either assign the task to yourself or a colleague. Or you can click the options menu "..." and then click Assign to Me or Assign to Colleague.

Note: If you click the options menu on a section header instead of an individual task, you can assign all tasks in the section to yourself or a colleague in bulk.

Reassign a task

You can reassign a task as many times as you want. Click on the current assignee’s avatar (once you hover over it you will see a "..." menu), and choose Assign to Colleague.

Alternatively, click on the task to expand the assignment panel and click on the current assignee’s name. You can then choose the new team member you want to assign the item to.

If you have more than one task assigned to the original team member, you’ll be given an option to reassign all those items at once.

Reassigning tasks in bulk

If you want to reassign all tasks within a section of a work item. Click the options menu "..." next to the section header and then Assign to Colleague.

Unassign a task

If you assign a task, note or email to a colleague by mistake, or no longer wish to have that task assigned to anyone, you can unassign the item.

Just click on the item to expand it and refer to the Information Tray and click into the Assigned To section. When you click on the assignee's name, you'll have the option to Unassign.

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