Highly efficient firms have processes that ensure high quality and on-time delivery of the services that they provide their clients. Those processes can easily be imported into Karbon work templates to be utilized for future or current work items.


Karbon Template Library

Browse hundreds of best practice workflow templates to implement into your workflow and add them to your Karbon account instantly. The Karbon Template Library includes hundreds of templates for all common procedures and processes, sorted into regions, services and common collections.

You'll find templates compiled by Karbon experts, templates used and shared by other Karbon customers, and templates for other applications from our vendor partners.

If you are logged into Karbon, you'll have the option to Add To Karbon, which will add your chosen template and give you the option to open it in Karbon within seconds.

You will be able to easily identify the new templates loaded into your account by the 'New' that appears next to the name of the template. This notification will disappear after seven days.

Templates include all of the Karbon functionality you expect, including automators, client tasks, job roles, and statuses. Once installed, you can tailor them to suit your unique workflows and create client work.

Many people prefer to further customize these processes (or build new processes) to work with the way their company conducts business.

By request only, Karbon provides process consultation services (for an additional fee). If interested in learning more about obtaining assistance customizing these or building new processes for your company, please submit a request either in Help & Feedback or to support@karbonhq.com and say "I would like to learn more about Karbon's process consultation services."

Import your firm processes

Do-it-yourself (free):

You have a couple of options for creating work templates using your current processes:  

  1. Create a work template from scratch

  2. Copy a task list from outside of Karbon

  3. Customize one of your pre-populated work templates

Assisted (add-on fee):

Karbon will assist you in creating Karbon templates from your existing processes. Reach out to your account manager to discuss your service options. Or reach out to our support team to ask for more info at support@karbonhq.com

Full-service white glove Karbon setup (add-on fee)

We provide complete personalized setup to help you to document and fine-tune your processes, and convert these into Karbon templates for you to create work from efficiently. 

The white glove setup service Includes data migration & error resolution, 1:1 process consultation (2 sessions), a dedicated 1:1 champion, team live training and advanced training. Reach out to your account manager to discuss your service options. Or reach out to our support team to ask for more info at support@karbonhq.com.

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