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Store files on a contact's profile
Store files on a contact's profile

Documents or files can be added to a client so that everyone on your team, or the client team, can access them.

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There are certain files that pertain to clients, like personal tax returns, letters from the tax department addressed to them, or their onboarding questionnaire form.

You can store these documents against the client’s contact profile so that anyone in can find them. This makes it easier to collaborate, find relevant information, and work together.


Upload documents to a contact's profile

On the details tab of the contact’s profile, you’ll find recent documents. From here, you can upload files, rename or delete them.

You can check the file formats here.

Please keep in mind while documents store automatically to a work timeline from items attached to the work, this does not occur in the contact's recent documents. You will need to add the documents in manually.

Rename or edit documents

You can edit files attached to a client from their recent documents section.

On the Details tab of your contact, click Manage under Recent documents. There you can see all of the documents you have stored for that contact, you can additionally rename or archive the item by clicking on the options menu "..."

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