When you are no longer working with a specific client, it is a good idea to retain them in Karbon rather than deleting them.

You may still want to access their emails, documents and work tasks in the future.

Karbon does not have an archiving function, but below are a few key actions you can consider instead of deleting an inactive contact:

Delete any recurring work schedules

If there is any recurring work for your inactive contact, change the status of these work items to “In progress” and their start date to today or a date in the past.

Next, choose “Edit Repeating Work” from the work item’s options menu. You can then choose “Delete repeat”, which will delete all future work in planned status or with a start date in the future.

Alert key members of your team

Navigate to the contact’s timeline and @mention key team members on a note to let them know that this contact will be an inactive client.

Mark the contact as inactive

Update the contact type to 'Inactive', ensure you have a contact type for this label.

Best Practice Tip: Rename the contact using the options menu '...' with 'Zzz - ' before the name so that his contact will be listed at the bottom of your contacts list.

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