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Track the progress of items you've assigned
Track the progress of items you've assigned
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Here's a quick guide to ensure you can access all assigned tasks, track their status updates, and manage them efficiently:

  1. Verify Assignment: Double-check that all relevant tasks are assigned to yourself or your team members. Without proper assignment, tasks may not appear in your view.

  2. Review Filters: Take a moment to review any applied filters. Filters such as overdue or at-risk items can affect visibility. Ensure all necessary filters are applied to capture the tasks you need to manage.

  3. Track Status Updates: Utilize status indicators to monitor the progress of assigned tasks. Regularly check for updates to ensure tasks are on track for timely completion.

  4. Manage Tasks: Use Assignments as a centralized platform to manage all tasks in one place. With comprehensive visibility, you can prioritize tasks, allocate resources efficiently, and address any potential risks promptly.

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