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Creating Saved Views in Karbon Practice Intelligence
Creating Saved Views in Karbon Practice Intelligence
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Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI) allows you to save views, just like the work views you're used to using with Karbon. These saved views can help you answer specific questions or solve specific problems.

The dashboards are flexible to help you answer many questions, but once you've configured the filters to answer your specific question, it's best to save that view so you can easily return to it later.

Creating a saved view

  1. Identify what question you are hoping to answer. For example, which team members have gone over budget this quarter?

  2. Navigate to the appropriate KPI Dashboard. If you are unsure of which to use, see the overview of each here.

  3. Update the filters and slicers to answer your desired question.

  4. Click the "..." in the top right-hand corner and save your selection. Please keep in mind, that the view will also remember the page you are on when you saved the view.

  5. To open your previously created views, select the title in the top left to expand the list

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