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View and Export your Realization Report
View and Export your Realization Report

How to track the "realization" of your firm's work.

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The Realization Report makes it simple to measure your team’s performance, ensure you’re remaining profitable, and stay across your profit margins.

What is Realization

Realization is a measure of business performance that compares the time spent on something versus what was earned for it:

Realization % = Billed / Recorded x 100

A realization of 100% means you get paid the exact value of the work completed.

A realization > 100% means you are paid more.

A realization < 100% means you are paid less.

The Realization Report will help to inform the business decisions in your firm.

The Realization Report

The Realization Report is available from the main menu under Billing > Realization and will show your Billed Time, Recorded value, Write on/off amounts, Billed value and the Realization % for each client's approved invoices. The report can be downloaded as an export of raw time data, which is useful if you want to produce your own pivot tables and analyze further. You can also filter the report by a selected time-period.

If you have voided an invoice or it is a draft invoice, it will not show in the report. Please note that fixed fee work items are not yet included in the realization report, but will be available very soon.

Export the Report

You can export the Realization report from the (...) menu at the top-left of the page for the current view, allowing further flexibility in how you view the data.

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