Slack Integration

Take any post from Slack and add it as a note on a Karbon timeline.

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Bring your important Slack conversations into Karbon by saving them as a note and assigning them to a contact or work timeline.


Setting up the Integration

In order to set up the integration, you will need to be an admin user in Karbon, as well as have the necessary access permissions in Slack to add Apps.

Please Note: This process only needs to be carried out once. If you’ve already run through the set-up and want to add the Slack app for other users, skip to Using the Slack Integration

  1. Ensure you are logged into Karbon - if you have multiple Karbon accounts (e.g. a demo account and a real account) make sure the one you wish to connect to is the one you most recently logged in to.

  2. You can connect to Slack by either one of 2 ways:
    a. From within Karbon, proceed to Settings > Connected Apps > Slack to then connect.

    b. Alternatively, you can give the integration permission to connect to Karbon from Slack, open this Connect to Slack to Karbon link in a new tab/window in the same browser as you have Karbon open in. If you have multiple Slack instances, you can select the one to connect from the top right drop-down menu:

  3. Click [Allow] to continue - you should see a page that asks to open your Slack instance:

  4. Moving to Slack, you will now see the Karbon App in the list of Slack Apps (at the bottom of the panel that lists channels and DMs)

  5. Click on the entry for the Karbon App and will see it has sent you a message:

Using the Slack integration

Once the Slack integration is installed, you can trigger the integration from any message posted by you or a colleague from in a thread or direct message:

  1. Select a message you want to share and click the More Actions menu that appears when hovering over the top right corner of the message and select [Post as note Karbon]

    If you don’t see [Post as note Karbon] as an option, you can find it by selecting [More message shortcuts…]

    This will open a popup menu where you can search for and select the Karbon app:

  2. Once you’ve selected Karbon, you’ll be presented with a pop-up box to collect the information for the Note. If the Slack message was written by someone else, you may like to include the author's details or other relevant information. Please note that images will not transfer across.

  3. Add a title and choose a contact to associate the note with - enter 3 or more characters to perform a search:

  4. Choose a work item to add it to the work timeline, or leave it blank to add it to the contact timeline.

  5. You can choose to assign the Note to a colleague (or yourself)

  6. And optionally set a due date (Note - the due date field will only show if you have an assignee selected):

  7. Hit [Create] at the bottom of the popup form to post the Note to Karbon.
    You will see the form disappear and the Karbon integration will send you a success message either in the channel you shared the message from (if it’s public) or via the Karbon app (if it’s a DM, as below):

  8. Click on the link to open the note in Karbon- it will appear on the timeline for the Work or Contact you specified:

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