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What can my firm expect when transitioning from Intuit Practice Management to Karbon?
What can my firm expect when transitioning from Intuit Practice Management to Karbon?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) in regards to the transition of Intuit Practice Management to Karbon.

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Note: This article is intended for customers of Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon who have transitioned to Karbon as of August 1, 2023.


Video: Welcome to Karbon!

Congratulations, your Intuit Practice Management account has transitioned to Karbon. You now have access to enhanced functionality, future product releases, Intuit ecosystem integrations, and unmatched customer service and support, all delivered by the Karbon team.

Watch this recorded webinar to get the full details or request a follow-up from one of our customer success team members by emailing:

Changes and Actions

What do I need to do?

Nothing at the moment—we’re handling the transition for you. An Intuit or Karbon Customer Success Manager will be reaching out to you during the transition to discuss what these upcoming changes mean for you and your firm. Once the transition occurs in August, you will need to input your billing details in Karbon by going to Settings > Subscription and adding your credit card details.

Will the product look, feel or function different from what I am using and doing today?

Not really. The application will be rebranded from Intuit Practice Management to Karbon impacting the top left logo on the main menu. In the Client Requests app, the bottom left logo in the side navigation will change as well. Addition main navigation changes include:

  • The ProConnect section moves from the main navigation to: Settings > Connected Apps > Intuit ProConnect

  • Additional main navigation options will be added that include Karbon Academy and the Karbon Community.

Are there any advantages from the transition from Intuit Practice Management to Karbon?

Karbon releases new features and improvements about every 3 weeks, and as a Karbon subscriber, you will have access to additional functionality including:

  • Karbon AI*: Use GPT-powered AI right in Karbon to summarize long email conversations, compose draft emails and replies, and improve your writing with just one click.

  • Email Templates: Ensure consistency across all communications and save time with customizable email templates.

  • Email Insights**: Visualize your firm's email activity to identify trends, improve client service, and boost communication efficiency.

  • Karbon Practice Intelligence (KPI)**: Gain insights on email, time, work status, and more with KPI workbooks.

  • Karbon API: Unlock powerful custom integrations using Karbon’s industry-leading API endpoints and documentation.

  • Billing and Payments: Invoice, bill, and receive payments directly in Karbon.

You’ll have access to more support resources.

  • Karbon Academy: Access self-paced online learning and get certification.

  • Karbon Community: Collaborate with a global community of accountants.

  • Help and Feedback: Access help articles, and get assistance from our support team.

*Karbon AI is currently in Beta.

**Email Insights and KPI are available at an additional cost.

Are there any disadvantages from the transition from Intuit Practice Management to Karbon?

None that we foresee except that your Karbon billing admin will need to update your billing details in Settings > Subscriptions once that becomes available in August. While direct phone support is no longer available from Intuit, Karbon’s chat support will route you to the right expert at the start and move to a phone conversation as needed.

Will I lose (or gain) any functionality when transitioning to Karbon?

You will only gain functionality from the transition. While keeping your integration with Intuit professional tax products (Lacerte or ProConnect), you will also get access to Karbon AI*, Email Templates, Email Insights**, Karbon Practice Intelligence*, Karbon API, Billing & Payments*, Karbon Academy, Karbon Community, and Karbon’s industry leading Support.

Will all the services and product features I see on the Karbon page now be available in my program?

Yes. Once the transition happens, all customers will have access to all the Karbon’s services and features including access to Karbon’s beta releases. This ensures that all new features will be delivered to all of Karbon’s customers at the same time.

Why is Intuit no longer supporting Intuit Practice Management?

Intuit is still supporting and promoting Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon. With the focus on providing customers the most value and best experience, the decision was made to rebrand the solution to Karbon so that all the features and Karbon’s world-class support would be available to Intuit’s customers. This will provide Intuit’s customers the best of both worlds—a deeply integrated experience between Intuit’s industry leading tax and accounting ecosystem of products with full access to Karbon’s recognized best-in-class practice management product.

Will I be able to opt out?

All Intuit Practice Management customers will be transitioned to Karbon in August 2023 with no loss of experience or functionality. As of August, there will no longer be a product called “Intuit Practice Management powered by Karbon” as it will just be called and branded as “Karbon”.

You can at any time decide to change subscription plans, move from monthly to annual billing, or cancel. If you need help, please contact Karbon at to get assistance.

Will there be any service interruption during the transition? How long will the process take?

On the late evening of July 31st (early morning of August 1st), Intuit Practice Management will have an approximate one hour scheduled outage to update the application to transition from Intuit to Karbon. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Will our log in process remain the same?

The log in process will remain the same though you can, after the transition, also log in to Karbon by going to Either URL ( or will get you access to your account. Note that when logging into your current URL, you will see Karbon automatically re-route you to the address.


Will the price per seat remain the same? Will I remain in the same tier?

Yes. There will be no change in price and, since the tiers between Intuit Practice Management and Karbon are the same, there will be no change in functionality or limits. In fact, you will get more functionality and value than you did previously—all at the same month to month price that you are paying today.

In addition, once you add your billing details, you can instantly add and remove seats within Karbon without having to call Intuit to provision or remove those seat licenses. Billing becomes simpler and automatic.

How will the billing process be handled?

In mid-August, you will need to update your subscription billing within the product by going to Settings > Subscription from the main menu (and enter your credit card details). At that time, you will find your subscription details pre-filled for you based on your current Intuit subscription details. Karbon will inform Billing Admins via email (and an in-product message will also be made available) to let you know when this step can be completed. Note: Only Admins will have access to do this.

From now through September, Intuit will be collecting payment. Karbon will be collecting from October and thereafter. If you haven’t input your billing details prior to your billing date in October, your account will be suspended and deleted soon thereafter. If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Karbon at

Will the steps to increase or decrease seats be the same?

No. Once your billing details are in Karbon, you will be able to add and remove seats by simply adding or archiving them in Settings > Colleagues. Billing will be automatic and you will be charged for what you and your team use.

Support & Services

Will customers have similar support with Karbon? Will in-product chat support still be available?

Karbon’s support is recognized as one of the best in the accounting industry per reviews on G2 Crowd. In addition, Karbon also provides dedicated customer success management to maximize your team’s value in learning and using the product. Karbon’s services team is also available to help update and optimize your data within the product. While direct phone support is no longer available from Intuit, Karbon’s chat support will route you to the right expert at the start and move to a phone conversation as needed.

Who handles what in terms of support? What do I do if I have sync issues with Intuit’s Lacerte or ProConnect products?

After the transition, all customer support requests will be handled by Karbon via the in-product chat support in Help & Feedback or by emailing Karbon at If the issue involves a sync issue with Lacerte or ProConnect, Karbon has a direct line with the Intuit support team to get assistance on any specific sync issue. It some cases, you might be passed along to and work directly with the Intuit support team to resolve. Karbon will facilitate that if the need arises.

Will we still be able to get bulk data updates?

Yes. In the past, many of the bulk updates you received were facilitated by the Karbon Services team. Going forward, you can request bulk updates either through your dedicated customer success manager or by requesting via in-product chat (Help & Feedback) or by email ( You will also have access to additional services like Karbon’s Annual Service Plan, Technical Annual Service Plan, and other implementation, training and custom activities. If you aren’t sure or would like to receive any assistance, be sure to ask the Karbon team as they are always here to help.

Will the templates I see on Karbon’s template library be automatically added to my current instance of Intuit Practice Management?

No. The Karbon template library is a collection of over 300+ work templates that you can add to your instance of Intuit Practice Management whenever you want. No additional data or workflows will be added to your account during the transition. However, feel free to explore the library, find a work template that you want to further explore, and click “Add to Karbon” to review the template directly in your account at Settings > Work Templates.

Will my Connected Apps be impacted from the transition?

No. If you are using Connected Apps like QuickBooks Time, Ignition, GoProposal or other apps connected to Intuit Practice Management, your integration with those applications will not be impacted.

Will I lose access to the Intuit Practice Management mobile app?

No. The Intuit Practice Management mobile app will continue to work as expected even after the transition to Karbon. In the future, you may be required to download and use the Karbon mobile app. If that is the case, the Karbon team will notify you on when and how to do it.

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