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How to connect VXT to Karbon

Sync your calls with Karbon using the VXT cloud-based VoIP phone system

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Sync your calls with Karbon: VXT is a cloud-based VoIP phone system built for Karbon users. VXT automatically generates work item and contact notes from calls and syncs your contacts, helping you save time, manage compliance and mitigate risk.

Connecting Karbon and VXT


  • In VXT, navigate to settings, then integrations, and select Karbon

  • This window will appear:

  • In Karbon, navigate to settings and then ‘connected apps’ and select VXT.

  • Copy the connection token into the ‘API access Key’ field in VXT.

  • In Karbon, navigate to ‘client portal’ in settings.

  • Copy the URL and paste this into the ‘client portal URL’ field in VXT.

  • Enter the email you use to log into Karbon in the last field in VXT and push ‘connect’.

Syncing your Contacts

  • Once you have connected the integration, navigate to the VXT integration tab and push ‘configure contact syncing’ to sync your contacts.

Saving Call Notes to Karbon

  • During a call, you can take notes or record the call. After the call, you can add to your notes and have the call transcribed.

  • All notes and transcriptions will be saved to a work item or contact in Karbon. VXT will identify if the caller is already a Karbon contact, and if they are not, VXT will prompt you to make a new contact to save the call.

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