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Review Your Financial Activity with Payments and Payouts Reports
Review Your Financial Activity with Payments and Payouts Reports

Learn about the Payments and Payouts reports in Karbon for detailed insights into manual payments, Karbon Payments, and payouts.

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The Finance page in Karbon includes two comprehensive reports: Payments and Payouts. These reports provide detailed insights into your financial transactions, ensuring you have all the information needed for effective financial management

Payments Report

The Payments report provides a detailed overview of all manual payments recorded and Karbon Payments collected. Each Karbon Payment entry includes:

  • The payout it is part of

  • The payment processing fees charged

  • The net amount you will receive in your payout

To understand the fees charged, you can export the report to Excel. The exported file contains two worksheets: one for payment details and another for payouts, offering a clear and organized view of your transactions.

Delete manual payments

If a mistake is made when recording a payment from a client, or their check is returned with insufficient funds, these manual payments can be deleted here as well. Only colleagues who are admin users with Billing access will be able to make this manual change.

Payouts Report

The Payouts report displays all payouts received via Karbon Payments, including those currently being processed or on the way to your bank account. This report aligns with the dates and deposits you see in your bank account, ensuring accuracy and consistency. Similar to the Payments report, an Excel export is available for detailed examination.

Exporting Reports

Both the Payments and Payouts reports offer an Excel export feature. This export includes:

  • A worksheet for payment details

  • A worksheet for payouts

The export provides clarity on the payment processing fees and helps you reconcile the payouts with your bank statements.

How to Access the Reports

  1. Navigate to the Finance page in Karbon from the Billing section off of the Main Menu.

  2. Select either the Payments or Payouts tab to view the respective report.

  3. Use the Export to Excel option to download the detailed report.

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